Land of Nevard

Land of Nevard is a RPG that has a medieval setting. Class selection includes Warrior and Wizard. Various elements contain Fire, Ice, Water, Lightning and Earth. Fight with other players, take part in battles of the Gladiators or add players to blacklist. Wilderness is a place where you can defeat monsters, but try not to get killed. Necropolis is the main center where you can find blacksmith, shops, dungeons and colosseum. Withdraw or deposit your money in Necropolis Treasury.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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Land of Nevard

12 comments on “Land of Nevard

  • rishi says:

    Nice game

  • Sandwhich says:

    Game just got a big update and is really improving. I’m excited about it, and it has a very strong core community that has stuck around years and years. Management actively listens to you including hearing your suggestions for the game and providing feedback to all players. Check it out.

  • Gleamy says:

    Love Land of Nevard, I spend most of my awake hours on there. Play for free if you want, great bunch of people to talk with, feels like a big family. Love you guys and gals

  • Anon says:

    lol this game is pretty shitty, the owner hasn’t updated anything since 2004 and takes donations hand over fist no questions asked. Claims to be proficient in like 15 diff languages, yet can’t even seem to develop a game that requires any further knowledge than the basics. Literally ANYONE could duplicate this game no problem at all.

  • Gary (DDD) says:

    I have been here since the game basically started. It can be very addictive, and now with the advent of auto fight being available gives more time for chat. Come on down and give it a whirl. Or just come and try and take me out 😛

  • Glen says:

    Even though I have never played this game until now. Looks great, setup still needs a bit more organized spacing for convience but other than that, looks like it’s headed on the right path.

  • Marcus (Kirito) says:

    I have been a player since the has been open. The very start was amazing. It has been open since 2004 and since then, I have been addicted ever since. I have never loved a game like this since then, and would love to meet new people. I am a co-leader of the guild called “The Guardian’s” andwould love YOU to join our family.

  • Dan (AngelicStar) says:

    Ive been testing most of the system out. And I am really enjoying every aspect of the game. A must play if your a long term style player. Nothing comes easy in LoN

  • Jennifer says:

    I’ve been playing this game for almost a decade now. I’ve met wonderful people through it. I like that it isn’t turn based so when i have spare time i can play all i want. I highly recommend this game. Come give it a try 🙂

  • Tyler (shockwave) says:

    A bit dated, but with extremely active management and a unique level of addictiveness that is hard to find in a lot of modern games that tend to focus more on looking cool than providing a solid game experience. I love any game that lets you go at your own pace with no dependence on energy/stamina/turns etc. LoN has no limiting factors other than how fast you can click or how long you plan to sit in your chair for on any given day. An autofighter has been implemented that allows for more casual gameplay as well

  • Tyler (Lanex) says:

    Land Of Nevard is the type of game I love. It fits perfectly into the text based mmorpg niche and provides several of the aspects that I look for in these games. There is the option to fight endlessly which is very rare in text based mmorpgs, guilds are well formed, the battle system is very well structured, and there is no crazy high advantage of donating to the game so there isn’t a pay-to-win feel about it. Overall I like this game quite a bit and would recommend it to many of my gaming friends.

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