Mafia Outlawz

Get ready to enter the ruthless mafia world with Mafia Outlawz. Purchase yourself the right equipment and under weapons/armor shop you can find brass knuckles, brick, bottle, rocket launcher, taser gun and knife. You can cause real damage with all these items. While visiting drug dealer you can buy the certain amount of pot seeds. Pharmacy section allows you to buy steroids, nodoze, lsd, cocaine and health pack with each having beneficial sides.

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Mafia Outlawz Crime based online browser game

25 comments on “Mafia Outlawz

  • jade says:

    Could not connect: No such file or directory

    game seams to be down sense yesterday

  • Non ya says:

    The Wendy is pathetic n goes after every man.she needs to keep her ass on mofo.she nothing but a child’s sad u got women like that on a game n when she don’t get what she wants she goes bad mouthing ya with lies

  • Widow Worshipper says:

    This game is alright but has alot of issues in the fact that they have taken access to gear away for fbi , stupid way of dispensing gear, certain players run the shyt and no one is going to step on their toes, cant understand the chat due to all the jibberish. constantly hitting you up for donations, no way to reset your own rollover etc but hey the points are cheap and easy to get. Bad mouthing other games is in poor form. Whether you like them or not doesnt make you look good.

    • Real Mashy says:

      rolloveritme.php lol here’s solution for one of your problems xD If you don’t know something, just ask. We will try to answer on non-jibberish.

  • Real Mashy says:

    The picture is showing what game looked like at least 2 years ago, probably more. It is upgraded long ago with additional game playing material and is now almost 50% richer. Game works just fine as it got new owner who actually fixed alot of bugs last game owner didn’t have knowledge of fixing. Making Account takes less than a minute, so try it out.
    Someone was desperate enough to create false statements of at least 10 ppl who are playing the game so pay no attention to that. John, Easy, Flowa, CBY..etc….we are all daily players and none of us have issues logging in lol

    • NewRPG says:

      Thank you for pointing out the outdated screenshot, we have now made a new one, it does look different indeed. Also compared the old and new screenshot – it does look like it has gone much better, the overall user interface is much more easier to understand so looks like the game is heading the right way 🙂

  • Flower Of Scotland says:

    games well improved since previous owner sold it tae The Don….this guys updated stuff n added stuff on tae the game tae make it betta…theres much more ae dae noo…n its good if yer ah competitive player…theres nae idiots on the game so makes it more playable

  • Mashy says:

    Owner and admins are garbage, crappy game

  • Cheated By You says:


  • Ford says:

    Owner is a scam artist beware

  • Flowa says:

    Game sucks balls

  • Hailee Nitengale says:

    Cant log in at all x.x very frustrating!

  • John Snow says:

    I can not log on what is going on

  • GhostWarrior says:

    Im gettin a 403 error ???

  • unknown says:

    does anyone here able to tell me how to get hold of game staff with out being logged in?

  • richard wywias says:


  • Bianca says:

    Bianca ~ I can’t even find the game anymore… ughhhh

  • debbie franz says:

    Kandi says I can’t log into my account says game name issue

  • Grmngrl says:

    I can’t seem to be able to log in to my acct

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