Mafia Rising

In Mafia Rising you have been given a possibility to become a gangster. Your basic goal is to survive in the murky underworld. To accomplish the goal, you have to train your stats and get stronger. You can easily apply for a job, but you could also run your own business. There’s a possibility to create a restaurant, a waste management company or a night club. In the clothes store you can purchase or steal clothes.

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NB! Mafia Rising is currently OFFLINE
Mafia Rising

16 comments on “Mafia Rising

  • Sunyanzi says:

    FYI, this game is currently offline.

  • Madison says:

    This is a pretty cool game, it just needs more players.

  • Nihil says:

    Everyone, keep calm and carry on, game’s working as a charm, so if you want a ton of fun and excitement, jump onboard. If not, have a beer. On me.

  • Laurentus says:

    Who needs another vulnerability ?
    This site has been down on numerous of times !!
    Gets to be awfully quiet in there.
    Where is Harley ??

  • isaac says:


  • Louis Miera says:

    Always improving and taking suggestion for future improvement. Activity is key and gameplay is pretty engaging as is. Highly recommend.

  • Pitbull says:

    amazing games one of the best i have played with a great admin! very active and she is always doing her best for the players!

  • UnNaMeD says:

    Very nice game, with a lot of active players, great fun chating and hanging out with all of them, 2 crazy admins, both females 😀
    All the times some very very col updates, admin is really paying attention to everyone and putting a lot of effort to this site. 🙂 Go on with great work, we are with you.

  • gunner says:

    Good game
    Active admins and always have an update ready to come
    Addicted to it ??

  • Valentina says:

    Great game!Staff always fair and active

  • L says:

    Good game, great community and active staff. Give it a go, it’s not like other Mafia games and it’s only 8 weeks old.

  • Thomas says:

    Another tacky looking mafia clone. Nice admin, but they aren’t bringing anything new to the table.

  • Rev says:

    Cool game, the owner is dedicated to it and is active – Can’t go wrong with that right?

    Crimes give you items, I found that cool and different. Sign up today and check it out. 🙂

  • B says:

    Its a great game so far!
    It has only been open 2 weeks, and in that time has introduced something new each week; keeping players entertained and coming back for more.
    More new players are joining up every day which is fantastic to see.
    The staff are encouraging and enjoy playing along too it seems.

  • Harley says:

    Great community and active staff.

    Less than 2 weeks old, MR is an old style, text based MMORPG.

    No resets and original content with an 18+ area too.

    Join today to get 3 RM Days for enhanced play.

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