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Mafia Struggle

Mafia Struggle is a free mafia browser game. You can complete missions to earn points as a reward. Back Alley is a risky place where you have a chance to find cash points and items. Commit crimes such as robbing a house, stealing a ice cream van, shoplifting a jewelry store, mugging a teenager, killing an FBI agent, lottery fraud and much more. Drug dealer is where you can buy marijuana seeds and sell your weed. You should search downtown every day to find cash, points and items. Purchase cars, create a gang, play Car Chase, gamble in casino and reach the top.

In a category: Mafia browser games
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Mafia Struggle

12 comments on “Mafia Struggle

  • The king says:

    Don’t like, do not play.

  • Cobra says:

    Is it me or is the game suqn it came back and went back down, is it gone for good ?

  • Reaper says:

    Its ok but don’t bother talking or joining these guys gang, Anarchy or Silent Assassin or they will just hit you on and offline, guys have no life

  • RiPslicker says:

    The admin, slicker, sucks c***s! Do Not Play This Game!

  • Guess says:

    its nae bad … never a dull moment, great missions and tavern is always good for entertainment .. regular updates and active admin what more do u need 🙂


  • Steve says:

    Okay game, Full of noobs with massive egos. specially one guy called gunner. hes a massive n00b.

    so if u play be ready to be in a argument with some egotistical noob on day 1

  • Guy With Huge Cock says:

    Its aight 6/5

  • Gabby says:

    Great game with an active Admin. I agree the missions are the best part of the game, as well as the fun in the Tavern! Always a good time!!

  • The Joker says:

    Great old school mafia MMORPG game Admin is friendly and updates game all the time, good rewards and missions easy to get established.
    Some great players here too great game to kill time and chat, create a good account and compete or just make friends.

  • random says:

    One of the best!!

  • MrOdge says:

    Cool new game, launched November 1st 2016 – Nice players who are always up for a chat. The admin is an amazing fella and extremely active and adds new content constantly. 5* / 5*

  • Gunner says:

    Awesome game with an awesome admin .There are many new missions best part is the most active admin whenever u need help he will be there to help u plus he had a good experience of playing these kind of games so he knows how to handle situation.

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