Mafia Vengeance

Mafia Vengeance is a combination of mafia and fighting browser game. Gather your friends and create a gang or attack others by yourself. Increase your stats and reach the leader of the day to get points. Play in casinos, travel to other big cities, increase your defense, speed and strength. Better stats give you better crime success rate. Steal from an old woman, steal vehicles or shoplift a food store.

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Mafia Vengeance

6 comments on “Mafia Vengeance

  • sally walker says:

    Well I did cheat o ce but I admitted to it and was told to make another account so I did then I got Anne’s for the 2nd time for no reason not worth ur time

  • KB says:

    Very fun and active game/community. When I first started I didn’t think i’d hang around but here I am months later training, doing missions and crimes, talking to other members enjoying myself. The owner is friendly and active within the community. Even if you aren’t into being super active you can still find your own little family to mingle with and enjoy the game. Worth giving a shot to anyone who may be considering trying the game out.

  • USERNAME says:

    MJ – leaving a shit rating because of the unfair ban. That is all.

  • Brutal says:

    Great game. Active Players and Staff. A Game which is molded around the players and their interests. Like mafia games? Like having a say on whats added? Then Join. You will not find anything better.

  • larry r says:

    if you like mafia styled games then this one is for you

  • MV Player says:

    This game I would say is one being sculptured and enhanced through the players. With an admin who is on hand to listen and implement ideas which the players ask for. If you look through the forums on the suggestions section you would find majority if not all threads implemented.
    Ever changing game where they key to becoming #1 is through activity.

    I welcome all who wants to join and ask staff for a helping hand.


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