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MafiaHeroes is a text-based browser game where you can become a mobster. Complete missions where you need to complete certain amount of kills, busts, crimes, gym trains and mugs. Commit crimes such as shoplifting grocery store, pickpocketing an old lady, disposing of a body, robbing a mansion, jacking a car and holding up a convenience store. You can play Fast Clicker game where you need to click the right tiles as quickly as possible and avoid the wrong tiles. There’s a chance to find cash and points by searching the downtown. Create a gang, train stats, play the lottery, purchase equipment and gain experience.

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4 comments on “MafiaHeroes

  • PeekachewydaBunny says:

    Mad Scientist just hates one of the owners… ignore him, game is awesome and coders built it up from scratch on their own, come check it out!

  • Mad Scientist says:

    Game is a stolen script of another very popular game. Trust me, I use to work for that games owner and can right click and see the source code. This game will eventually be shut down like all the rest. Seeing this idiots Vaz name, you can undoubtedly count on the game closing like his old game TM did and he did not refund its customers.

  • J says:

    Game is having content added every day, and is not just a carbon copy of every other game out there
    I can’t until it’s released properly!

  • Big Fat Paulie says:

    82 days still left on open beta,game needs a lot of work,very simple to play and understand,basic mafia game,with same types of crimes and tasks,a lot of ways to earn points to progress fast,though may change after reset. It’s ok game,not worst but also not best mafia game I have played…worth playing if you waiting on energy,stam,etc,on another game.

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