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ManaPot is an online RPG with mobile support. Entering Combat Grounds allows you to start killing rats and increase your combat level. Killing rats and later on other creatures could drop various items. You may also train your skills like cooking, fishing, mining and so on. There is also an app available at Google Play. ManaPot is in a steady development and frequent changes and updates are to be expected.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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11 comments on “ManaPot

  • Anon says:

    This is a game with a lot of potential. I feel like if the combat was overhauled (at least to the point where players could choose which stats to increase/which builds to make) and the community was more active, it could flourish. Right now, the lack of players really makes it feel dead.

  • Shayne G says:

    This game is awesome, wish I found it sooner though. ign: Solace

  • Bellah says:

    Terrible game play, and pretty ugly game all around!

  • tsustyle says:

    Fun free to play game that you can play while you’re doing other things, like playing other games! Why not check it out?

  • ManaPot says:

    Special promo code available on the front page of NewRPG, go check it out!

  • Varow says:

    Been playing this game since it was originally in beta about a year ago. Owner has made a ton of improvements since then, and the game is very addicting! Really enjoying playing it!

  • ManaPot says:

    Haters gonna hate. I can’t control people on the internet. I’m sure your players do the same thing (in fact, I know they do).

    • Balerion says:

      To my knowledge it hasn’t happened and if I find out about it then they will be penalized. I don’t hate as you put it. You have a decent looking game. Not my style but I certainly don’t hate.

  • Scorch the Earth says:

    Promoting your game is a great idea, but not by spamming forums and chat rooms of other games. 1 Star. I would give less if I could.

  • Balerion says:

    I give this a 1 star because apparently someone from there likes to advertise their site on other games.

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