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Masters of The Mat

Masters of The Mat is a sport browser game that allows you to enter the wrestling world. The first thing to do would be creating a manager and after that you must create a wrestler. While creating a wrestler, you can go into details and select the style for your wrestler. In addition, you can choose different moves, so your wrestler could be strong and powerful. You can easily take a look at your stability and current power to assess your development.

In a category: Sport browser games
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Masters of The Mat

2 comments on “Masters of The Mat

  • Dave says:

    The BEST wrestling browser game out there. You create a wrestler, give him a bio, customize taunts and cheats, pick moves, describe your custom finisher and more. Then join a federation. Matches take place at every turn – daily or weekly, depending on the server you join – and the outcome depends on moves chosen for that turn. There is also role-play elements like trash talking, interviews, and more. What it really needs though are MORE players, so please join!

  • Jordan Rayburn says:

    I’ve been playing this for about 3 years and its one of the best wrestling games on the internet.

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