Modern Mober

Modern Mober is a free mafia-themed browser game where you could become the most feared gangster. Purchase a gym card, hit the gym and start exercising. You can commit crimes such as breaking into a garage, jacking from a dealership, stealing a celebrities car, mugging an elderly person, stealing from a rich mans house and more. Modern Mober includes different ranks which are based on your xp and cash. Gain more xp to become the Boss, Godfather, Legend or even Official MM Legend. Earn more money to become a Millionaire, Gillionaire, World Wide Millionaire or even Billionaire. Work your way up the ladder and feel your power.

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NB! Modern Mober is currently OFFLINE
Modern Mober

9 comments on “Modern Mober

  • Saul Robinson says:

    Whats up ashy I’ll message you shortly mate don’t have facebook myself anymore but I’ll send you a message

  • Saul Robinson says:

    Thanks for getting back to me again I’d love to see some of the code ect.. I don’t know why it would have said iv blocked you as I don’t actually know your email and this website is all new to me so I’m not sure how that could have happened, have you got my email for you to contact me? Thank you for getting back to me guys!

    • mick says:

      you do just search me on your facebook, i questioned it myself as to why you blocked me since i aint spoken to you for ages.

      Micky ashy

  • Saul Robinson says:

    I would love to see some screens hots o the used code and I’m very confident the name and scripts of mine and Jay’s have been used because you may have made very slight changes but the Base is still the scripts from the older modern mober system, I know this due to the fact the whole layout is identical, The menu.php is exactly the same as was used previously, the crime.php is exactly the same and you also can clearly see our banner hosted in the banner.php.. I like to see my scritp’s put to use all I ask if for credits when people do so

    Could I also ask that you let me know what you will do doing with the scripts / website and if you have any questions and help be sure to let me know!

    • mick says:

      these are not the ones you had saul the layout as you will know is on gp/wm the banner is urs i remember you using that but i remember seeing the backend code its not even mysql its all built in mysqli just the design used i think was to make it look like your version but the overall code isnt what you used trust me i had the code at some stage. (would have mailed you but you blocked me for some reason :/)

      • Ricky says:

        Pretty sure even using someone else’s design is not legally allowed. Just saying 🙂

        • mick says:

          Copy and paste is yes but when its all iframe its not all that hard to make it look like another website, So many games over the years of this kind have all been designed on similar games such as Gb(Gang bliss) Aml, AGL etc so many games all used similar designs.

  • Saul Robinson says:

    These scripts are ripped from a old game i made back when i was 14-15 years old origonally called Modern Mober due too a mistake in the name which should have been modern mobster, I Cannot believe in 2016-2017 my scripts are still being used and sadly not to much success considering this game is now down and out. (You can check this information is correct by looking on youtube / google ) You will see the previous version i made and gave away to my friends i went to school with (Callum and Adam chambers) .

    I was thinking of returning to this scene and creating a much much more sophisticated game due to me now having over 10 years experience in coding! If this is to happen i will be uploading the URL so keep an eye out!

    Thank you for taking the time to read a little portion of this games history, Have a great day!

    • Mark says:

      This is not a rip the name may have been used but I can and will assure you the code is very much not yours any proof needed I will gladly send screenshots of the backend code I highly doubt your was built using a template system and so on.

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