NationStates is a free simulation text game that allows you to create your own country. You can rule your country according to your own beliefs and political statements. You can receive telegrams so read them carefully through to find out the main point of each telegram. The game includes a lot of discussion and political debate so prepare yourself to survive in this world. Very active forum so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck.

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One comment on “NationStates

  • Nick says:

    NationStates is the best online RPG game I ever played!

    You create a nation, then you have to answer different issues, you can also join a region (my advice is don’t stick to the “pacific” regions, move somewhere else.

    And the most important thing, join the forum! The forum is where RPs take part, you can post facts about your nation, trade with other nations, simulate wars with them, and my favorite: play sports against other nations in the sports section! You can sign up for tournaments and once it starts, more you RP, better is your chance to win (RP quality is also taken into considerations and there’s also the chance factor).

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