Pardus is a free text-based browser game with space setting. First you must select your character name, gender and universe. Start with a tutorial to learn more about the game. Nubuun Station is a place to buy/sell weapons or armors, trade various items or visit shipyard to purchase ship models. Keep an eye on your profile to see the general information about your ship or the situation of your stats. Overview also gives you clue about your acquired skills.

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14 comments on “Pardus

  • Egon says:

    I love Pardus. Great game! It has been around for over a decade, and I have been playiong it for just as long. Descently complex rules, but easy to play. 3 major factions, 2 Sydicates, 4 races to choose from, each with unique skills, and a varied selection of ships, equipment, and weapons to choose from. Your character can choose many different space careers (Trader, Starbase Commander, NPC Monsyer Hunter, Drug Lord, Police Fighter, Pirate, Faction Fighter/Defender, and more…)but is not limited to any one of them. A great MMORPG community from all around the world! The AP(Action Point)-system is really good. You can finish your daily session in a few minutes, or you can spend endless hours coordinating, planning, or just good old socializing. No 7/24 Power Gamers. Premium Players do not have a Wallet Warrior advantage like so many other games.

  • Gam says:

    Dont waste your time in this dieing game, only mods with multies keep it alive…

  • Bumblebee says:

    This is the Only game that I have stuck with, so far. I’ve been playing it for 2 years, and plan to increase that number as much as I can

  • Les says:

    I’ve played this game for 7 years now. (Still do as of Jan 2016)
    It’s, by far, the most fun I’ve had gaming in my entire life.
    Give it a try! It’s free!

  • Jinx says:

    Pardus is a game of real depth, and complexity. Been playing for over a year and have only scratched the surface of what I can do with the character I play. While the game is over a decade old, there are many players that have been playing that long so complaints I see, I chalk up to dissatisfaction of the powergamers not being able to powergame their way to a win they can never achieve. Not for the player looking for easy win type gameplay. There is no winning in Pardus, only getting better and stronger than you were yesterday. Can be played in 15 minutes a day, or if you want to engage the community, you can play for hours at a time.

  • Someone says:

    I you’re not friends with the mods/powergamers you’re going to get screwed. Attacked or banned.

  • I Love And Respect Yozerix says:

    Awesome game! I am impressed by the complexity of Pardus and the amount of choices it provides you. You can be:
    1. a trader aspiring to become a mogul owning hundreds of millions of credits;
    2. a starbase owner who upgrades it with buildings to increase its population;
    3. a hunter of space monsters;
    4. a druglord owning slave camps and drug stations;
    5. a police fighter (trying to get rid the universe of slave camps and drug stations);
    6. a pirate attacking especially traders and avoid skilled fighters;
    7. a faction member who creates propaganda for the past & future faction wars.
    The liberty in shaping your character by roleplay in the game’s in-character chat and space tavern forum is enhanced by the gameplay.

  • Gigi says:

    All good and fun until you realize devs don’t give a crap about the game, update it only once a year. More badly, the moderative team is inactive and totally partial to their friends. Moderative actions are not explained and are given preferentially.

    I’d still give it 5 stars though. It’s not the game’s fault that devs and mods are pure d*cks.

    • Alcore says:

      you are right the Moderators has shamed the word moderator to the point where it is no longer shameful. But;
      The Developers have shown a dedication that far outstrips nearly all professional gaming companies. When they release an update it works, no “opps, we need some downtime to correct our mistakes that could have been corrected if we took one more week to work on it.” Pardus is not like that. They are professional; “Here’s your update. This is how it works and this is where you can find it. Have fun.” a lot of companies could learn a thing or two from our ‘slow to update’ developers.

      • Gigi says:

        That’s completely true. Devs were responsive in the past, now they have some troubles with keeping up with the updates but each update they release is good and consistent (though some are game changing/breaking).

        Moderators, however, are still a joke and devs won’t lift a finger to change them.

  • Alcore says:

    Long time player. great game but we need new blood. a fresh perspective.

    I can tell you that you would be hard pressed to find such a good space game that was this free. Premium also gives slightly ‘better’ gear inside the pardus core but it is nothing really major and few have it. Don’t think for one minute that not having premium will hurt you in any way.

    This game is great if you have a short amount of time to spend as noted by others here. you’ll catch up to the current player base. Beginners have protection for a decent amount of time a receive double AP generation upon completing certain events as well as bonus skill for 1st and 10th enemy killed.

  • Octavian says:

    I love it. Great game! Complex rules, but easy to play. And a great community from all over the world!
    And the AP-system is really good. you can spend hours every day or just finish your daily session in a few minutes. No 7/24 powergamers. 😀

  • Corbeau says:

    This is a very suitable game for adult players with jobs: the Action Point system ensures that people who can sit online for hours don’t get too much advantage over casual gamers. If you do nothing else, skilling takes maximum 10 minutes per day, ranking takes up to 30 minutes per day (a bit solitary activity but requires planning, some experience and skill and sometimes involves adrenaline, and definitely beats Minesweeper), or you can spend endless hours on coordinating, planning or just good old socializing. The learning curve is not steep, but is very, very, very VERY long. Pardus is a slow game and you play it one day at a time.

  • 0n0w1c says:

    If you are tough and persistent enough to survive the tutorial, you will be rewarded. While the tutorial does walk you through a portion of the basic mechanics of the universe… it is all about the game with-in the game and the pilots you will befriend and foe. This is not a game for kids… it is rather involved and takes time, effort and dedication. There are no instant gratifications, every accomplishment and advancement is earned. Also equally important to note… there is no cash shop… there is no pay2win.

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