Particracy is a free simulation browser game where you can get involved in the political world. All the activities are related to politics, so you have a chance to see how everything works. In Particracy you can have your own party where you can see political positions, ministries, election results, legislation, affiliations, voting record, early elections, and so forth. The game includes random quotes and random facts which are very interesting.

19 votes, average: 3.53 out of 519 votes, average: 3.53 out of 519 votes, average: 3.53 out of 519 votes, average: 3.53 out of 519 votes, average: 3.53 out of 5 (19 votes, average: 3.53 out of 5, rated)
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7 comments on “Particracy

  • Amanda Dawkins says:

    Fun game, though clearly dated (for instance, the economy is not working properly) and with a somewhat steep learning curve. My advice would be to take a closer look at the nations before you chose one. Learn a bit about their background, their history – and more importantly, what’s going on atm. And what kind of people the players already there seem to be. Check out the forum section for newspaper.

    Sadly a handful of players, among them a former moderator, takes it far to seriously. This has created a partially toxic community. The creator and the moderators needs to address that. =(

    But the creator is working on an impressive new version of the game, which will probably accommodate so many players that we won’t have to concern ourselves with that any more.

  • Bettina says:

    Yeah therez trolling but reading this thru Moore is more likely to be one of their company than any of the others he is accusing.

    The game is mismanaged. Theyre about to change the game’s Hungary into northern England without asking anyone’s opinion.

    The other week the Mods used sockpuppets to go to a player’s Discord and troll him. They got caught, but couldn’t be assed to apologise and their still Mods which proves the game owner so doesn’t care what they do. You couldn’t necessarily trust them to respect your privacy or personal space generally.

    Sad because this was a good game once but now I’d seriously say: AVOID.

  • Moore&@1 says:

    Some elements of the game community are indeed toxic but overall the playerbase is nice and the Moderators do their job. I get the feeling that some of the people who posted here are some of those problematic people as I can see some of the falsehoods some post are identical to ones I’ve seen by these dumb trolls. Eg. Lying about the rules being deleted for several weeks.

    But yeah the developer is making a new version anyway so many of those problematic idiots will be gone. Hopefully these trolls will leave anyways y’know

    Advice: Steer clear of discord and forums and just play and RP that way you’ll have no problems.

  • Evans says:

    EVERYTHING depends on which nation you end up in and which players you have to come across. I’ve personally had good, bad and indifferent experiences here.

    The mods log in much less than they used to.

    They have all these “Facts” on the rules at the bottom of each page, most of which are now wrong because the rules have all been changed.

    Recently they had no rules for weeks because they accidentally deleted them. Seriously didn’t seem to much care either.

  • Beaver says:

    It’s an “odd” community. Some of them take themselves and the game far too seriously. The management is iffy at times. Game will be okay if you can avoid getting sucked in to all the bullshit. Very hopeful about the new game, but the dev has started projects then abandoned them in the past.

  • Proton says:

    Their Discord server is the Wild West but in the game itself things are okish, in my experience. The owner is planning big exciting updates, so don’t write this one off yet. Just needs more grownup staff.

  • Anthony Babbington says:

    Awesome concept, but game is dated & flawed. Game community has gotten toxic, all sorts of shit going on. Game owner doesn’t care. Avoid. Seriously.

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