Peloton is a free browser-based text game about cycling management. Create your team and get ready for a great adventure in the cycling world. Before tough training you must hire a trainer who you can also fire anytime you want. Your team consists different cyclists with each having various skills and weekly wage. You can take a look at upcoming races. However, you can also check out the results of races that are in the past and view their strategies.

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16 comments on “Peloton

  • Michael Jones says:

    Played this game for 2 weeks so far, very balanced economy, can start half way through the season with no problems, forum and wiki gives you all the help you need. Can’t recommend enough!

  • DeRodeLantaarn says:

    Great game!
    Try it out.
    The new season will start in about 4 weeks.
    A good moment to start with a few weeks of practise before the new season begins.:)

  • sevenbellies says:

    give it a go great game

  • juanval says:

    Great game for cycling fans who enjoy watching the Tour, the Giro etc on TV ;D

  • CrazyCanuck says:

    Fun and addictive. Interesting community of players…
    Join the Peloton!

  • Dimitri says:

    If you’re into cycling, numbers and managergames, this is the best.

  • Helder says:

    Fantastic game with lot of options. People from all parts of the world play it 😉

  • Slayer772004 says:

    Easy to start, and when you think you know the game, then you keep finding new important in-dept aspects. Challenging, exciting and oops: addictive !
    Apart from Peloton, I tried some other cycling games too, but I quit them soon cos there is no game like Peloton.

  • Quiller says:

    Best cyclingmanager game on the net. You can play it free. Premium is very cheap (and is for supporting the game (no play to win!!!!)). Not a lot of players until now but enormous potential!!!

  • Headcase says:

    I really love this game. It’s easy to step in, but also for experienced players there are a lot of coll challenges. This game is a must for those who love cycling and games!!

  • cirao83 says:

    The best cycling manager game!!!

  • Bosko says:

    Great and very addictive game!

  • Tossboom says:

    The best cycling manager game there is. Easy to learn and a very active community. It gets fun fast when you start, which isn’t always the case in manager games.

  • Neo 2:1 says:

    I really enjoy this game. Every day a race, every week an update and progress of your riders. The game keeps you going.
    One of the only manager games I can keep playing.
    The connection with your riders becomes huge!

  • maxz says:

    best manager game ever.

  • Ab Normaal says:

    Peloton is a fantastic game. A lot of variety. You have to manage finances, training, a lot of different skills, buying and selling of riders, youthscout, supporters and of course a lot of tactics to play this game.
    For active players this is a briljant game!

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