Prison Block

Prison Block is a prison-themed text based browser game. You create your character, start at level one and work hard to get to the top. You have your own cell, you can get armors and weapons, even drugs and other items. Prison has a gym, infirmary, marketplace, weekly lottery and other features. You can spy, raid, mug and attack others in the prison. Very informative game tutorials provided in the menu to explain the game features step by step.

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Prison based browser game

74 comments on “Prison Block

  • WhoKnows says:

    Nice so far, fun too. Not many players at all, I think 30 max is what I’ve seen. Everyone is I. South Dakota, so lower prisons are dead. Market place is cheap, dirt cheap, this would be the time to buy what you can in case game ever picks up. Very harsh rules, I was banned, 1st day log in 30secs into exploring the game.. For a ridiculous reason, probably why not many players due to how easy you are banned for doing nothing.

  • Ubnck says:

    Why can’t I log in?

  • Imfami says:

    Bad ass game

  • Imfami says:

    Dope game

  • BiteDown says:

    the game is kool fr it jus need sum more active players… fun game doe ion think anybody who eva signed up was disappointed ..

  • BigWheel says:

    Best web-game I’ve found. I been playing for 6 years and 4 months.

  • Gminus says:

    So addicting and loving the way it’s progressing

  • Bryton Motley says:

    the game stri8

  • kilihitman says:

    Great game, can’t stop playing, there arent too many games that you can play for 8 years 😀

  • GramzSME says:

    Cant help but love this game. It always pulls you back in.
    Incarcerated: 7 years, 5 months, and counting

  • Mark deans says:

    Best prison game out there been playing 8 years now

  • Felon says:


  • Ubnck says:

    SooWoop BloodGanG Damafiamu
    We stay Brackin on this game. I like it and play it daily.. Wus Brackin Mu.
    Join my Gang. DAMU RELLIES ONLY.

  • Anthony says:

    Is definitely my favorite game. Been on it for 6 years now. Longest and best commitment of my life. I’m married to the game, but I ain’t got no wedding ring.

  • Pistol22 says:

    either play game or don’t but please stop hating on it….

  • YMB says:

    Great game almost 6 years playing and the game is doing nothing but progressing. very addicting and a ton of great people on here. Just try not to piss anyone off and you will be just fine haha after all it is prison….

  • Bud_ says:

    good game 5 and a half years playing

    • fuck mufasa says:

      Hi Bud_,

      This isn’t a company. It’s a single guy managing a game of ungrateful pissants. As for your issue, I have no support to offer you. You’re constantly an annoying ass on the game, but the moment you need help you want it. Help yourself.

  • Murlin says:

    Great game. For only being here for 4days.. its pretty awesome.

  • Makaveli031 says:

    Been playing for about 5 and ahalf years…Good game…Spent alot of money on this game and still do…lol

  • OGJAZZ116 says:

    Very addictive so people start to think the dam game real lol the best prison game online check this sht out

    • OGJAZZ116 says:

      Very addictive some people start thinking the dam game real lol the best prison game online check this sht out its Brazy

  • coKain66 says:

    Is littleprecious here come join this precious my precious.

    What else ya need hear about the game, isn’t the air clear enough?
    My precious, hehehe.

    We await you.

  • Ursus says:

    On my seventh year and still playing. Really like it. 5 stars!

  • Jinks says:

    I LOVE IT !

  • Guinstev says:

    Best game i ever played online thanks

  • Death187 says:

    Very addictive game . Been playing for nearly 7 years now. Highly recommend

  • JHate407 says:

    Game is very addictive. Once you start collecting ammenities for your cell, raiding/buying specialty items, criming up money..or you can mug other players. Plus if you catch someone slip’n you can get lucky and raid one of their cell ammenties. They have special events, usually around major holidays. lost many a nights it out, worst thing that happens is you become addicted and play it for 6-7 plus years like some of us. Aint sukn your dik MU..but want my 100favs(bitch better have my money)!!!

  • 1bankrollreed says:


  • Melyssa says:

    Been playing for years! Tried to quit and came back lol ifa need help message me! 🙂

  • KountUpYello says:

    I’ve just started but I was looking on this site and seen that it was good so hopefully I love it!

  • Brubaker says:

    one of the best browser based games on the web. sign up, crime up and train today ppl!

  • dayna says:

    great community great game special events are in town right now come and join the fun

  • Pistol22 says:

    6 years and counting….still here so it must be the shit

  • Mufasa says:

    Love you guys and thank you for you support we will gift 100 favors to each of ya’ll bastards while we are planning to expand our Prisons soon.
    Keep sucking my dick!
    MU OUT

  • BongLord says:

    Cool game.

  • 2cups says:

    the game is fire! you should definitely sign up and see for yourself what all the HYPE is about 😉

  • PaperPlanes says:

    It’s a fun time killer. You don’t have to spend money but it’s there if you don’t wanna wait on favors.

  • haviik says:

    great game. very addicting.

  • TheStag says:

    Nothing even compares to this game, wins hands down allot of work put into it.

  • hanako says:

    Love PB… Just have to do your best to keep the Warden pleased :p Seriously, I logged on for a laugh and haven’t left since. 7 years now xx

  • Guido says:

    Great group of players and a staff working on improving game experience daily. Best part is you don’t need to spend $1 to progress and do well.

  • CrazyBitch81 says:

    I love this game. There are a lot of great players on PB. Respect to all higher levels.

  • Kratos says:


    • ahcheela says:

      No player found by the name Kratos, maybe you were a dupe? You made the smart choice by leaving but no reason to trash talk the game. Go back to candy crush you will be fine.

    • wormdogg10 says:

      As a mentor on this game I can say that no one with this name exists on the game, and no one with even a variation of this name ever asked for help.

  • KILLAxKODINE says:

    I quit my job and left my wife for this game. Thats how addicting it is. #bestOnTheBlock #RespectToTheBeastBuckTrap

  • wormdogg10 says:

    Best Game on the market!

  • Acecash says:

    game is very addicting. I was never one to play games on consoles or computers when I was younger, but once I found PB I got hooked. There’s recently been a lot of activity from staff which is making the game better than ever . Just don’t be a dick and you wont have any problems. all the older players are very helpful and friendly too.

  • Iruletheworld says:

    Love this game. I wish I had found it sooner than later! Give it a shot! You wont be disappointed!!

  • Rog says:

    Best online game out there. HANDS DOWN

  • Criminal says:

    6 years playing…. It has to mean something right??

  • ahcheela says:

    A lot of new improvements have happened recently. Yes there are shit talkers but what game doesn’t have that. The game is what you make it, make friends or enemies. Try it and like it, don’t like it, don’t play. Tired of playing then just walk away from the game, no reason to trash talk the game.

  • DemOlition says:

    All you dick riders saying this game rocks are straight losers. This game use to rock but now it’s down the drain so cock suckers kindly stop dick riding for the rest of your miserable lives

    • CharelsManson says:

      If prison block is so bad why does your sorry ass sign in several times a day ? Is it to try and run off the older players .YOU THE REAL DICK RIDER!!!!!!

  • BAnGA says:

    Best of it’s kind⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Anabisi says:

    This game is the best RPG game dupe accounts get banned because the game doesn’t allow bitches who can’t handle a real game ..balls to the wall…hard hitting. only have 1 life.. and you gotta gain respect

  • GUINSTEV says:

    best game of all time i never got addicted to games until this one. I’ve been playing this almost 7years and counting

  • Negan says:

    PrisonBlock rocks! there are multiple levels, great challenges, events, game rooms, raid cells and take items from other players and then mug and beat them up. its an addicting game where you continue to level up and get stronger an faster and hustle. every player is different and so is the play style. but there are 5 prisons to level to and you can beat down a player who pissed you off. ALSO look out for dem0lition the SD booty bandit.

  • Juicey says:

    Love this game. Very addicting.

  • Damncandy says:

    Very terrible game, I stopped playing several years ago. Decided to play it again and every-time I create an account to play the game again I get banned for some stupid reason. This game does not like new players or returning players. The current players on the game are the worst of the worst of players. Go play Forge of Empires, it is a thousand times better. Oh yeah, and nothing has changed on prisonblock since i quit playing several years ago.

  • davontay says:

    people are getting banned for dumb reason game isnt the same anymore now it sucks

  • zimbie says:

    Another cyberpunk type MMORPG or whatever it meant to be

  • YCGkilla says:

    This game is addicting so 5 stars

  • Anabisi says:

    One of the most addictive game in Years ..Try it out

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