Puppet Nightmares

Puppet Nightmares is an online RPG with an original, twisted dark and humorous story. Over 100 unique customisable creatures that you can breed and collect. Story could be compared to Pokemon, but with ridiculously humorous and offensive twists. To unlock all creatures, you must invest a lot of time, but it will be worth it. Has a narrow community that sticks together, but will give a warm welcome to all new players. Each creature can obtain skills and can be formed into a party to progress through game story. Tattoo and feed your monsters to quickly level them up and rebirth at high level for various bonuses.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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Puppet Nightmares

One comment on “Puppet Nightmares

  • Aphilic says:

    This is an absolutely awesome game. The community is very friendly and helpful, any bugs are fixed asap and the creator publishes new content regularly. Small parts of it are nsfw. All in all playing this is a slightly creepy way to have fun.

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