Ruler of Kings II

Ruler of Kings II is a fantasy text-based roleplaying game where you can choose your own adventures. You can create a character based on your answers to some questions. After creating your character the game format changes to turn-based which gives you a certain amount of turns to make choices for your character. Gain enough power to be able to interact with other players and their characters. The first tasks are getting food, learning skills, buying equipment, getting information about events and becoming familiar with the whole area. Explore the town, earn gold, gain experience and level up your character.

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Ruler of Kings II

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  • JB says:

    Thanks for sharing. The main focus of this game is character development through writing. It will also appeal to those who want the feel of being around a tabletop without needing a dungeon master or other players. This allows introverts, those on the autism spectrum or other social challenges to play at their pace as well. There are plenty of explanation videos at:

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