Seduction City

Seduction City is an online text based browser game. Work yourself to the top by any means necessary. Frequent events and feature updates like profile pic contests and new type of weapons. It shows that the game cares about its players to create a more entertaining environment even for old players. Eliminate your rivals and let others work for you, not the other way around.

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Seduction City

28 comments on “Seduction City

  • Style z42 says:

    Look at all these whiners crying cause they don’t have their pacifiers on them.
    Talking mad smack cause they either misplaced their sacks in their spouses purses. Or because their hubbies aren’t big enough to spread the joy around. But you’re always welcome to try typing that on my wall. I ll take good care of you for running your fingers. P.S don’t make me come back and re write this.

    • Style z42 says:

      I lost two special souls there. They aren’t around to say it. But I’m still going say it for them. Cause Mr BA says so. F*** You Haters !!!

  • Ruk says:

    R.I.P Seduction City 🙁 When was the last time anyone could log in?

  • Marks says:

    I cannot get in
    When I try to do it , I see the following note:
    The site you are visiting is using Sucuri Website Firewall. And for some reason it is not configured properly. If you are the site owner, please open a ticket here asap for us to look at it for you: If you are visiting the site please try again in a few minutes.
    … … … …

  • Sissy says:

    I can’t get into the game it just keeps spinning and then says it can’t be found?? Help!!

  • Yalanni says:

    GODADDY SUUUUUUUUUCKS!!! Ever since they hooked with GODADDY I have had nothing but one issue after another. 🙁

  • Eyes wide open says:

    All of you that say its a fair sexy war game and he doesnt have favorites are looking at this place through rose tinted glasses.Take them off and take a damn good look around.The game is full of females that will gladly cyber Mos just to get all the free items like fools like us waste our hard earned money on.

  • JohnWick says:

    Sadly I must agree with the negative comments. The owner DOES play favourites and I have seen it with my own eyes. It was a great game, once upon a time, but now all you have to do to get high is be a female and suck up to the owner.

  • Cherri_Candy says:


  • Amber sweet says:

    Is the game down I can’t get back on it

  • Brat says:

    When I joined it was a great game. Very fair other than a few instances of favoritism among staff. Almost a year later, the game became a very heavy pay to win and if you’re not in staff’s graces you’re basically nothing. They allow users that have abused glitches to stay in and play because they have paid several hundreds of dollars but if you don’t pay often and slip up you can get fedded for simply saying that its unfair that people are abusing a glitch. Some of the staff are Fed Happy and will fed players for no reason then never answer your emails about why you’re fedded. The staff doesn’t care about players all they care about is who is fucking them in game and who is giving them a great pay check.

  • M says:

    The owner is greedy and gives out free stuff to all the girls he cyber sexes. No sense of fairness and you can forget about getting anywhere with this game unless you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on virtual crap. Game is ruled by a few players who are huge spenders who bully others, new and old alike. Those who defend the owner and this game like kitten are either girls who have a crush on the owner and hope to get some scraps or are the big spenders wanting more people to join so they can bully. Find another game to occupy your time. This game is dead.

  • Kass says:

    This game has always favored the money spenders, if you spend the big bucks it seems you can do as you like, however there is also a ton of favoritism going on with the staff, there the ones who run the show, if you say the least little thing they will Fed you, it doesn’t matter if you have done something wrong or not, if they don’t like you your gone. As for kitten, everyone with half a brain knows you’ve had it bas for the owner since he bought it, to bad he doesn’t want anything to do with you and you just keep on acting the fool.

  • Golden Graham says:

    Heavy pay2win game.

    Very strict with rules. Game is probably run by old people. Most people interact outside the game via Skype, since there is no global chat.

    The warring is nice and its more in depth than most text games, but that’s about it. More people are switching over to the other sex themed game. Less rules, more hardcore.

  • grace says:

    Its active and full of a lot to do, however, the lack of some basic info for games like quests and a clear way to find on and off line users via a search is clearly noticeable. I also find the format to be easy to use but a little outdated with the time it takes for training.

    I just started barely a month ago, and I don’t know if I would pay for it yet with things being so mysterious, but I will say that its understandable if the original Group and older players are closer, its not wright or wrong just what happens when communities like this are open to anyone over 18. I think any active and working RPG site that is free for the most part is amazing and of the good. I’m enjoying myself and feel its up to you,
    don’t pay for it, and just enjoy it. follow the rules best you can and if that still doesn’t work for you, keep searching for a game that better fits your needs and requirements. lol

  • MoSLivesWithHisMom says:

    this game is awful. the staff play favorites and if you aren’t part of their little group there is not much point in playing or donating. they give everything away to their friends and turn a blind eye when others are harassed. if you call them out on their bullshit, they’ll just fed you. they could probably make a lot of money, but unfortunately the owner is too busy feeding all the girls who pretend to like him free crap to make it worth it.

    oh kitten, it’s easy to say he’s fair when you’re cyber-boning him for 8 years.

    • kittenf says:

      You are welcome to think what you will of me I really don’t care. MoS runs a fair game and he nor the staff play favorites. I have seen friends feded just like anyone else if the rules are broken. Yes, MoS is my friend and yes I will defend him, but I do so because I know what the truth is. That being said yes I am his friend and also a older player, but guess what I still paid for everything I have whether with RL money or game money nothing was given to me.

      • Stephanie Leask says:

        Just so you know, I now cannot view my own account. It gives me about 3 different ones that are not mine. I deserve to know what happened. Your announcement (before the site screwed up) said you were working through some things.

  • Tryn says:

    My account got fedded after hundreds were spent on it cause the moderators did not like me. They said I broke a rule which I did not and acted without any proof of wrongdoing at all. I even sent Master of Seduction letters telling him I was being threatened by an older player on the site who is married in game to the second in command all because I was excelling in the game faster than his prodigy. There is great influence anounst the older players as they think they are gods oin the game and must be bowed down to and can influence the staff to do what they want without any proof cause all you have to do if say oh they broke this rule or another and dont even need any proof at all. I did ask several times in emails why and for the proof and they wont answer any of my emails at all. It’s easy for people who have not been in these situations to just say oh they must have broken a rue but sometimes they over step their bounds because of it.

    • kittenf says:

      No using a bot to train with is not cheating or against the rules at all. Oh wait yes it is and that is why you were put into fed. In the 8yrs I have played the game I have seen A LOT of owners come and go and Master of Seduction has been the most fair, most open, and easiest one to approach, talk to, and willing to listen to ideas and suggestions from players. He has NEVER played favorites with any of the older players or given us free stuff. We all bought and earned everything we have. I have played a lot of games very much like this one and have always felt very intimidated by staff and owners, but not here. Are MoS or any of the staff perfect no!! They are human, but they are fair and honest. You have a right to say what you like and I have a right to defend a game and group of people I respect very much. You cheated and that is why you were banned no other reason oh and this is not the first time you were put into fed. You have a habit of disrespecting staff, but please do continue as to how you were wronged and you are perfect.

      • MsD says:

        That’s quite funny you would say that Kitten as people using auto Refreshers do not always get put in Fed on this Game now do they? If you asked me a few months ago I would have said this was a good and fair non biased game, HOWEVER my eyes have been GREATLY OPENED!!!!

      • Gaia says:

        Is the game down? All I get is testing 😔

      • Bill says:

        I would like to join but every time I try it takes me to a page that has three of the same picture of lips and all I can do is go back and if I do get on the home page it won’t let me log in or look at the rules then it goes to a blank page

  • Harambe says:

    Very great sex war game.

  • Splits says:

    It’s honestly a great sex themed war game with a big community.

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