Shimlar is a classic old-school looking text based browser game. Fight against creatures like skeletons, kobolds, giant rats, wild dogs, giant scorpions, zombies, huge owls, drunk beggars, scavengers. Friendly community, helpful moderators and an active game chat function. If you have advanced far enough, start your own clan. Buy items like swords, axes, staves, maces, body armors and shields. Shimlar is not about the graphics, but the nostalgia of old-school text based browser games.

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46 comments on “Shimlar

  • Ciri says:

    I wanted to Play but my character cannot be validated. Don’t know what I should do, would be cool if someone has a Suggestion.

  • Oscar says:

    Absolute classic!

    Fantastic browser / text based RPG with brilliant players.

  • Swiper says:

    Great game! Scotticus does a fantastic job !

  • Vilette says:

    Wow this is still going? That’s awesome.

  • LitchKing says:

    This game is awsome, the community is great the people are helpful. Scott is also the bomb, he’s always active online to talk with and actively making the game better, with your input.

    Played this game for over 8yrs.

  • LordWiljam says:

    good game i like,, much time can spend play this and allways worth of :3

  • LadyDeadpool says:

    Super addictive but absolutely love being back!! Game just keeps getting better. 😀

  • Gutta says:

    missed playing this game =] great game

  • Raggyo says:

    I have played this game on and off for over 15 years. It’s a good escape. With a excellent helpful community . I would highly recommend anyone interested to give it a try and if you need help getting set up just ask! Someone will allway s be there

  • Sam says:

    Cant believe this game is still around after 15 years. Great to be back

  • HelpHawkeye says:

    Nice to have a game you can play on your phone during the day

  • Zan says:

    This game is highly addictive. So much fun. Spent so many hours here over the last 10 years.

  • Scotticus says:

    Will always have a special place in my heart as I grew up with this game and now run it! Theirs a vast amount of people from around the world that play this game from Americans to Australians, Dutch to British it’s versatile and addictive we are always looking for new ways to improve the flow of the game, please do not hesitate to check us out!

  • Shawtie says:

    Like this game bunches. Always find it challenging and like most of the people that play. Come join us in the fun, meet new people and challenge yourself and others to get your name to the top of the toplists! See you there.

  • Poppo says:

    Better back when Lord A had it, actually felt challenging then. Can’t beat some of the people on there though.

  • ElChucko says:

    Decently fun time wasting game can meet some awesome people on it. Has a learning curve due to the manual not being 100% finished or very detailed but most players are helpful if you have questions.

  • Shimlar says:

    Banned players will become mad like this…

  • Echo says:

    Although the game doesn’t have the best of graphics, it is still quite an addicting game. Its the simple things that make it worth while. Gearing a character, searching for gems, upgrading your gear. Its an experience to be had, and once you fall in love with the game like everyone else, you’ll become part of an awesome family!

  • JRod says:

    Favorite browser game MMORPG i have found thats just point and click. I have played it on and off for 10 years.

  • anbu_venom says:

    been playing this game for many years and it has me always coming back and playing it’s very addictive

  • Jimbo says:

    I loved the game, very addicting. However, the owner/staff seem to be motivated by greed which leads to early round resets (about 2 months early) with addition of content that is geared toward pay-to-play type of game. While it is free and paying to play is not required, the game seems to be going in this direction. New content is being added each round but it seems no maintenance is being focused on what is in the game already (i.e. weapon names, outdated information in manual). There are also issues with building characters. While there are many races, professions, and gems, there is really only 1 build that matters which requires having certain gems. Without those gems you are pretty much screwed and will never keep up with everyone else in the game. Again, I love the game but I will not be playing until a serious overhaul of the game is performed that allows for multiple, and balanced, ways of playing the game.

  • Synyster says:

    Started this game back in 2003 when it was under its original ownership. I felt lost when Lord A closed it down. But multiple incarnations have popped up to keep it alive. Many friends made here. Many countless hours spent clicking thinking “Just one more level…” I love this game. And I always end up coming back.

  • SmackDaddy says:

    Have been playing the different versions of this game sense 2001. This is by far the best version and keeps getting better. Have made good friends all over the world. CAUTION CAUTION CAUTION…..
    This game is very addicting!

  • Charles says:

    This game is a bit low tech, but it has amazing support from the developers and a tight, rich community that makes the game fun even during the boring parts. The game itself is unique and fun… but you need to love grind-type rpgs to really experience what it has to offer.

  • Fantus says:

    A truly unique, addictive game with real, helpful community vibe. I’ve made friendships through this game that will I will always cherish.

  • Jesse says:

    Great game and a definite must play for any old school rpg addict. Love Shim and have been playing for over 10 years now.

  • Hodgekins says:

    we enjoy the heck out it , just found this version and is like a family reunion, love it great job!

  • Warlock says:

    I played the first versi of Shimlar but when it went down i felt lost. Played some shimlar a-like games but nothing is so good a shimlar! I love that its back and i’m already addicted again!

  • Krystal says:

    Free to play and highly addictive. Stick around to level up, complete quests, and make your way to the top lists…or spend your time bantering with other players. If you enjoy writing, hop into the roleplay channel and bring your character’s story to life!

  • Griphook says:

    I love this game and always have ive been on every version ever done but this is the most original… its free to play and theres alot of people willing to show you the ropes all you need is patience ^_^

  • DarkKilo says:

    It is a grate game started when I was in 9th grade in 2000 something and am now 30. Its is the most highly addictive text based rpg I have come across.

  • CTVB says:

    Strangely Addicting.. I love it. So many different layers into the game, and a great community who help people out whenever you need it!

  • Smashedolbasher says:

    Best game. Trust it!
    Played since grade 10 and i’m now 29.

    • Smashedolbasher says:

      worst game ever, got banned for absolutely no reason at all.. wish i had never brought this game to or my friend to the game.. i feel violated.

      • LitchKing says:

        Moron, gets banned for macros or failed macro check. Security of this game for cheaters have been perfected.

        Don’t complain just restart.

  • Bananas says:

    I have loved this game for over ten years in all it’s incarnations. Even with the graphics and immersion of today’s games, there is still room for this classic. A staple of the internet.

  • Shintalla says:

    Hello. My name is Shintalla and I am a clickaholic. There is no hope of a cure for me. Thank goodness.

  • Extr3me says:

    Been playing shimlar for 12 years through multiple versions and no matter how much I’ve played I’ve always been able to come back to a new round and meet new people

  • Grugetta says:

    I don’t know why I love this but I do!

  • Scotticus says:

    Come take a look, you’ll be happy you did 🙂

  • Fliteska says:

    A Classic game that doesn’t need to be flashy to be addictive, you’ll lose countless hours sat clicking, hunting for gems and items. All the while, you will make some great friends and have a real good time. Complete quests for rewards and make your way to the top.

  • Impudence says:

    Severely addictive. Been around in slightly different versions for a long time. This is the version most true to it’s origin. Not for those inclined to flashy graphics, but rather friendly bantering and quite a bit of nonsense talk.

  • Meowmix says:

    Addicting as heck, come and check us out

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