Sparta: War of Empires

Sparta: War of Empires is an empire building RPG, meaning you are in constant progress with your own city. As in every empire type game, there are resources you need to gather to advance your city: Timber, Grain and Bronze. Create buildings to generate faster resource income. Train your warriors to create a deadly army. Warriors also require resources to exist. Upgrade buildings and if you do not have buildings then build them, pretty straight forward. Your resources can be traded and sold to friends and allies.

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Sparta: War of Empires

3 comments on “Sparta: War of Empires

  • John wilson says:

    Good Game, some minor glitches like not being able to get on it now or too many pay to get or play functions. Double dipping at times. Need to remove some to make it worth staying with.

  • John the Spartan says:

    Voted 5 stars! I play this game over a year now. Smart engine, great design, good support in case you have question but most of all I enjoy the community spirit and the good friends I got from this game from all around the world in our clan!

  • Sharron says:

    voted 2 stars cause there are some weird glitches in there like cant boost troops and dont get some resources that it shows i get. that aside there are too much P2W options

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