Star Pirates

Star Pirates is a text-based browser space RPG. The game story is that resources on Earth have ran out and wars have begun because of that. Does not require a lot of time investment. Some interesting features like slot machine, debris collection every hour, different researches and more. The most simple registering system, just enter username and password and that’s it. No validation required or gender choosing or birth time or other pointless values. After entering those 2 values you are in the game. Live chat with other players for help if needed. In-game one time tutorial for new users. You are limited by fuel and energy. Start mining for profit. Scan for targets if you are ready to have a battle.

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20 comments on “Star Pirates

  • RedishTiger says:

    Insta bann when my brother decided to make an account in the same household. “Banned for multiaccounting” Lost my account, and when I tried to appeal using my brothers account, they banned his too. This happened around 2 years ago. Played it for a while and was frustrated when it happened. It was a good game, but horrible admins.

    • Theseus says:

      A.) There are THREE accounts with almost the exact same name (Redish_iger, Redish_tigerra, Redish_barron) and only two of them are banned.. Redish_tigerra is not banned. So you are clearly making this up.

      B.) It explicitly states in the rules to inform the Admins if there are going to be multiple accounts on the same IP address, before the second account is created, and it also explicitly states that logging in with another account will result in a ban, as multi-accounting always results in a ban. You got banned twice. The first time, you broke the rules in a way which required a ban, and the second time, you broke them again, in the same way, also requiring a ban. Then, through the mercy of the Admins, even though you got banned twice, and even though the waiting period to come back from a ban is one year, and people who multi-account AND people who are banned after coming back from a ban are not applicable to come back, ever, they unbanned your IP within a few weeks both times, when by the rules you should NEVER have let you back in, either time.

      C.) You didn’t play “for a while.” The first two accounts were banned within a week of being created, and the third account has not been active since 3 days after it was created.

    • Theseus says:

      That is a fake image. You spelled account “accoun.” If you’re going to photoshop stuff to make it look like you were wrongfully banned, at least TRY to make it convincing

      And superfiredragon, a legitimate account, assuming you’re telling the truth (which you clearly aren’t) also was banned within a week, you had not been playing “for a while”. When a player creates four accounts in one day, it is multi-accounting, which ALWAYS results in a ban.

      • RedishTiger says:

        RedishTiger was my original account. After the situation occurred, I went to my brothers account to try and appeal. Then like I said, his account was instantly banned. After that I decided to make a new account under the name of I believe “Redish_Tiger”. As since the game has absolutely no appeal system my only option to trying to get back in to play was to make that new account and try and explain the issue. Unfortunately it got banned as well. Years later I came back to the game and decided to just scratch the issue and just play as Redish_Tigerra. In that account I do believe I did mention something to the admins, and that they did indeed respond. However, the whole situation shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

        It was surely a mistake to not inform an admin of my Brother’s account. I was young, and unaware of these rules. However the fact of me reaching out on my brothers account, SHOULD NOT have gotten him banned too. With his account I merely told the admin something along the lines of – “Hey, this is my brothers account not mine. I had no choice in the making of this account, and I’d appreciate it if you can unbann me.” And like I said before, after this, his account got banned as well. No warning, no messages, nothing. It was quite unfair and left me with no other options than to either try and reach out once again, or just quit this game.

        But after all of this occurred and blew over, being that YEARS had passed before I made the final account of “Redish_Tigerra” , and that an admin FINALLY responded. It still was an unjust situation overall to begin with. Leaving me unable to play for quite some time, over a stupid predicament.

        And what you said about the bann message, I’m not an idiot. I know how to spell “account” But it seems people over at StarPirates HQ don’t.

        Here is a full screenshot just to show you I did not fake it –

        It was obviously rushed, and done with little care. Which really shows you how mentally challenged some of these admins really were…

        But overall the problem isn’t the fact I was banned, the problem is that the admin selection, and bann appealing for this site is very poor. Perhaps it has improved now? I am not sure. But this is an experience from years ago, and is simply my experience and views of this game.

        • Theseus says:

          Well, I doubt that you were unaware of the rules. When you start, you have to read through the rules to play. So, unless you scrolled through without reading the rules, which would still make this your fault, you were completely aware of the rules. Again, in the rules, it specifically says that logging in with another account to appeal a ban is multi-accounting and will result in a ban. And there is no appeal system FOR A REASON. It is so people who have been banned cannot waste the time of the admins, trying to get unbanned when they were legitimately banned, multiple times. And if you knew how to spell, then you would know that ban only has one “n” at the end. And the admins were not selected. They are the people who made the game, and make updates, and code, and don’t really have extra time to waste dealing with the hurt feelings of people who multi-account. Also, you said that you were young when you joined. It says in the rules, on the login and signup pages, on the homepage, and many other places that you have to be 13 or more years old to join. There is a box that you have to check saying that you are 13 or more years old on the signup screen, and if you don’t check it, it doesn’t allow you to sign up.

          • RedishTiger says:

            I suppose there’s no use arguing this. After all it’s just a silly old web game. You are correct that it’s still a small community, and having an appeal system would be hard to keep up for a small group of admins. But besides that we both tend to have our different opinions. And I suppose I am just too used to bigger more professional platforms. It was silly for me to come here and write a review about it, however I had some unfinished business and thoughts left in my mind that I needed to get out. Also the “bann” thing. That’s been a habit of mine for a while, thanks for noticing… Still, I am not the admin here, and of no means am I typing a full on professional review of the game. But at your statement about the age thing , as I stated, i joined when I was small, I believe I was around 13 or 14 at the time. I probably didn’t read the rules i don’t remember, like I said, I was an ignorant kid, and surely probably not the only one who had not read them. But i’m currently turning 19, so quite a long time has passed haha. Mistakes were made, whatever your opinion is, you’re entitled to it. But like I stated previously, this is simply just my experiences in this game, and of no way am I wanting to come back or appeal anyways.

          • Shawn says:

            You’re an admin? Because this kind of response to an issue is really making me NOT want to join this community.

          • Kurdock says:

            You sound very toxic and yup, I probably won’t try Star Pirates after this. You’re being really pedantic by pointing out all sorts of small details like how he misspelled ban while ignoring the main problem: admins immediately banning accounts without investigating first or even allowing them to appeal the decision.

          • Eh says:

            “Well, I doubt that you were unaware of the rules. When you start, you have to read through the rules to play. So, unless you scrolled through without reading the rules, which would still make this your fault, you were completely aware of the rules. ”

            Oh I’m just sure everyone reads “the rules”. I bet everyone just sits down and reads a tome before they start playing a game, just like everyone reads every ToS they ever have to click “accept” to. Are you that exceptional in the head? No “well we’re sorry that happened to you. These are our rules but we’d be willing to look into the case, etc. etc.” No “perhaps we can exchange emails and see if we can come to a resolution?” Nothing, just “lol your fault, go away” huh? Professional.

            Your responses really just come across as you being a jerk. As someone looking for any excuse to avoid responsibility. The only people who lean this hard on their “rules” to justify their pedantry are bureaucrats. No appeals because “appeals waste our admin’s time”. No reconsideration due to an unusual circumstance. Great customer service skills you got. You run a friggin browser game, not the DMV. Do you really think you can afford turning away players for a browser game these days?

            Seriously, you have to understand not everyone is going to read a brick of text or is going to be above 13 years of age when they play a game, or is going to hire a lawyer to fine-tooth comb everything to make sure they don’t accidentally break a rule and get all their progress unwritten over a technicality, somewhere down the line. Has it ever occurred to your admins that a customer can be worth keeping even in the instance of a violation or conflict? That smaller penalties can be given? That it’s possible you might be misunderstanding a situation or might encounter something your rules don’t cover– which you clearly did by banning even this person’s brother under the excuse of multi-accounting, punishing a complete other player for the mistakes of someone else living under the same household. At the very least, can you not see how acting this petty and intransigent in the face of someone who’s issued you a POLITE complaint might look to prospective customers looking for a browser title?

            Great first impression you leave there for new people. I was considering giving this a try but if this is how admins respond– no thanks. Get bent and watch your game run out of funds and players like so many other browser titles, if it hasn’t already. 🙂

  • Nats says:

    Fun game with funner community. ‘Nuff said.

  • EndlessConquest says:

    I agree, the community is half the fun! Of course, the other half is blasting said community to smithereens, so it’s all about the community!

  • Myrrdin Ohm says:

    I’ve been playing for years. This is the best run game I’ve ever seen. Admins listen and implement user feedback where it makes sense. The mods make sure that we all play nice and keep it PG13. Those that come only to cause grief soon find the business end of the freeze ray or the ban hammer.

  • Yowza says:

    Very friendly gaming community, a wide range of play styles, players from all over the world make for some interesting conversations. Admins are great and listen to players concerns –why else would they have added duct tape to the game? Free to play, join us!

  • sagemouse says:

    I joined the game recently hoping to find a fun browser game, but what I found in addition was a friendly and welcoming community of players. New players are welcomed in a way I haven’t seen in any other game. I play in both desktop and mobile browsers and the game works great in both.

  • michael s says:

    I find this game a lot of fun, especially after reaching level 10.
    Come try it, you may like it or love as much as the rest of us.
    Either way, have a good day.:)

  • Xamlord says:

    Xam has played for over 4 years and a good part of that from his Phones both blackberry and a Dorid3. You see there is a mobile interface set up with the login screen however if you have a smart phone you can play it in all the visual modes that are offered its a fun game. Xam has played a bunch of mmo’s and this is by far the best one that Xam has found. Xam recamends it to everyone.

  • kazorm says:

    Great community, and awesome administrators. One of the best games I have ever played.Players are always ready to help.

  • PappaD says:

    Star Pirates can indeed be played on your mobile phones. The game portion is a lot of fun, but the community of players really makes this game a special place. Come one and all, give it a try, I think you’ll like it.

  • Monez says:

    Just curious, does this game have a mobile app? Would be pretty cool.
    I mean like in the google playstore for free download…

    • Theseus says:

      I’m not sure if there is a mobile app, but you can play it using the mobile graphics mode on your mobile device’s browser.

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