Star Wars Combine

Star Wars Combine is a free text-based Sci-Fi game with space setting. At first you have to create a character and join a faction. On the sidebar you can take a look at your character profile, current level, keep an eye on your hit points and number of experience. Equipping is an essential skill because it allows you to wear weapons and armour. The game gives you an opportunity to create a Party which includes several characters. Visit inventory section, move around by using travelling action and conquer the galaxy.

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Star Wars Combine

7 comments on “Star Wars Combine

  • Kam Marac says:

    “Starwars Combine ROCKS!!!!!”
    Donna Duker words

    I simply Love SWC and im not an administrators or member of the staff!!
    Is the best experience in Role Playing in real time It took me 15 days to cross the galaxy in one of the fastest ships : a Sprint Classs Rescue Craft, I love RPGing, but as english is not my main language i beeen improving my languages skills in real life!!

  • Rick says:

    This game is a toxic environment for anyone who wants to join. Not recommended that anyone tries the game, and don’t be beguiled by the fancy images, ships, and factions. You’ll never have any of that.

    The positive reviews above are made by administrators or members of the staff. Deceptive.

    • Maligaant Menuk says:

      Completely ignorant and false claim.
      The game does require (IMHO) that you have some patience when starting. READ all the links about creating a character and joining a faction. Once you join a faction (if it’s an active faction) things get ALOT easier. I’d say the learning curve is fairly mid to high. As far as never having any of the fancy ships or factions again….once you join a Faction all this becomes easily doable (many factions provide ships and gear to those that are newly joining). Haven’t even been playing for the a month and one of my faction brothers gave me a gorgeous Firespray class ship (same class of ship as Slave 1 – Boba Fett’s ship). The faction i’ve joined is EXTREMELY active and uses DISCORD. I’ve been invited into a DISCORD auction channel where amazing AUCTIONS happen several times a week. The game rocks and can be played by anyone.

  • Joshua says:

    Star wars combine is essentially over for newcomers. If you are starting out in this game, everything has been rigged against you by the ones who have been there for years. Like George Carlin says…. “It’s a great big club, and you aint in it” These problems are compounded by the fact that people in authority have characters and allegiances in the game. Don’t bother wasting your time here, there is nothing but a bunch of players from back in the hayday logging on once a week to keep their treasure hoardes out of the hands of new players.

    • Bradley says:

      Game has soo much depth and amazing to get into. Doesn’t require lots of time to do things, but can keep you occupied for hours. Its a really great game, one that I’ve stuck with for many years. More than any other game I’ve played.

  • Neria Derycke says:

    SWC is more then conquering the galaxy, with over 1000 systems it will be hard to rule all.
    Star Wars Combine is a Star Wars Universe where groups and players can create their own stories. The SWC galaxy started on a slightly altered SW universe that has devolped and still is devolping it’s own story. You can become a general, , foot soldier, pirate or simply become a freelance smuggler or bounty hunter, working for the highest bidder.
    Not a fan of the underground or military life? You can choose to follow a more peacefull life as a production manager, transport pilot or more.
    For many new players, SWC seems very complicated, but it is easier to learn then one may think. Many guides are available to read, many factions and players can always be found to help and guide you, as you progress trough the game with your character, you will be able to learn more and more on how to play the game as there.

    However, this game is not for those that expect quick action, you won’t be able to jump in and start shooting or flying around. SWC is a sim that uses (delayed) real time that allows other players to give a change to react to your actions. Patience is key as a new player. But if given a fair change, you will also find that SWC has a great community to hang out with. And as you become more experienced, you will find more challenges to accept.

    SWC is created and devolped by volunteers that sacrifice free time to bring you a Star Wars universe without the need to pay in order to achieve greatness. No pay to win.
    Altough you already can choose to follow many paths as a character in the game, swc is still in devolpment adding more and more game elements to the SWC universe unlocking more challenges for the players to accept and conquer.

    Join now and become your own version of Bobba Feth, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or anyone else.

    Tips for new players:
    Read the guides
    Browse the factions you are interested to join and contact the recruitment liaison, also check the possition vacant forum to see what the factions are looking for.
    Wait with spawning untill you joined a faction, then you are able to spawn at the factions HQ. If you do spawn on your homewrold, you will be able to take a NPC shuttle to the factions HQ for free. (will take a few days in hyperspace to reach the HQ)
    You are able to request a skill reset with a first character that is level 1 or 2 if you are not happy with the first choiced you made.
    Do not expect to become a Jedi or Sith at joining, their is only a small chance that you have the force, but you will need to be tested by another force sensitive character first (player character)
    If you are killed or you decide to forfeit your character, please note that their is a spawn countdown of 3 weeks, this rule has been added to avoid players to constantly respawn untill they have the force, and for other reasons you will notice as you play the game.

    Hope to see you in SWC 🙂

  • Donna Duker says:

    Starwars Combine ROCKS!!!!!

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