Supremacy 1914

Supremacy 1914 is a strategy text-based browser game. Diplomacy allows you to see information about other players, for example you can see their relation, score, provinces, country etc. Resources section informs you with information how much material, money, food and energy you have. Visit market to purchase needed equipment or sell your items to earn more money. Once in a while take a look at newspaper to be aware of fresh posts and new updates.

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Supremacy 1914

3 comments on “Supremacy 1914

  • Alfred says:

    best strat game, it takes some time to understand all the mechanical, really complete game. A P2W only in the early game, unless you have thousands of $ to spend. However, it is common to see big alliances against player abusing of GM (cash IG that you bought with $). Most of good players doesnt use GM, and most of GM users are destroyed by good players.

  • Spector says:

    I would disagree, once a player runs out of silver (Cash in the game, Not GM) they cannot spend to get the cash meaning they are a cap on what they can send. Additionally to get a game changing result it usually costs way more than most users are willing to spend.

    Also… Have you ever seen how badly most of the people that use GM fail at executing basic tactics. Honestly, GM wise the only ones I would be worried about facing is the support staff that receive some GM each month and know the inner mechanics of the game (Yes I know… some mods are not the best) but all the current English GOs are deadly players. Most of them wont use their gm though so its still good 🙂

  • John Doe says:

    Fun game, but be prepared to spend $ to get ahead. Game uses gold marks to speed production, improve morale, spy, etc….. can be purchased with $. Can also earn gold marks by posting positive votes in favor of the game on numerous websites.

    Great group of players with only a handful abusing the gold mark system. Complaining about Gold Mark use will get you banned though, so bite your tongue.

    500 player map can be fun and challenging.

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