The Mafia Business

The Mafia Business is a free round-based browser game where you can join the mafia world. Produce weed, smuggle vehicles, produce coke and smuggle guns. Make sure to hire some bodyguards and thugs to protect yourself. You should join a family to get support from other players. Hire operatives to earn money and keep your operatives happy by giving them more drugs. The key to a successful survival is using your turns wisely. Turns are given to players in every ten minutes and you need to decide how to spend them. There are awards for best players at the end of each round.

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The Mafia Business

2 comments on “The Mafia Business

  • Caleb Sharp says:

    I like this game a lot. Compared to the other games like this. There is a lot of different features I like on this game. One thing is I like how you can just sell everything. Or how you recruit and be protected. Also I like how you can’t keep killing somone really fast. Like on other games like ml you can hit them like 100 times in 10 seconds. But on this it won’t let you build or attack to fast. Also I love how they have that revenge thing. On other games people would come in and drop $1000 and kill everyone and go up right high so no one can reach them. But on this game if they did that we could just build and kill not waste all the turns trying to range them. Lastly I like how you can cover your dus. Not have to go see how many guys you have and make sure you have the right amount of guns. But I’ll stop here or I’ll be writing a book lol. If you would like I will continue this on Skype. But one think I thought I would like is a sell all weapons on under your weapons. But I have to go eat haha. Thanks so much for letting me join your game. And play this amazing game with the beat Admin I have ever meet. If you need anything just message me. But I recommend for slot of players to switch to this game it’s apt better and a lot more fair. And the price for turns is not much at all.

  • TonyMontana says:

    This game is addictive. not only is it your classic mafia game but with in the game if you find the mole and kill the mole you receive up to millions of free turns for doing so… I love it

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