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The Mafia Business

The Mafia Business is a free round-based browser game where you can join the mafia world. Produce weed, smuggle vehicles, produce coke and smuggle guns. Make sure to hire some bodyguards and thugs to protect yourself. You should join a family to get support from other players. Hire operatives to earn money and keep your operatives happy by giving them more drugs. The key to a successful survival is using your turns wisely. Turns are given to players in every ten minutes and you need to decide how to spend them. There are awards for best players at the end of each round.

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The Mafia Business

One comment on “The Mafia Business

  • TonyMontana says:

    This game is addictive. not only is it your classic mafia game but with in the game if you find the mole and kill the mole you receive up to millions of free turns for doing so… I love it

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