The Outbreak

There has been a outbreak of a virus and the world has become a scary place. The Outbreak is a browser-based roleplaying game set in a post apocalyptic world. Your aim is to survive by using smart strategies and completing missions. One of the important sections is constructing, so gather resources and build lots of facilities. You should also try to increase your score as it can lead you to better positions in the Hall of Fame. In blackjack you can make a bet and gamble.

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The Outbreak

8 comments on “The Outbreak

  • Rev says:

    One of the funnest “board” type strategy games I’ve played in a long time. Dev’s are active and constantly improving the games function and dynamics.

  • SkyRaider says:

    Awesome game with still are very active team behind it, with the new updates the game keeps getting better. Lots of depth and tactics, be sure to check it out!

  • Pieter says:

    Awesome game with great depth. Quite a learning curve but when you do get the hang of it, its awesome.

  • Kaiden Clark says:

    The game is a must play. I have been playing for a few days now i it is very addictive

  • Gerard says:

    Great game with lots of depth, took some time to really get into it since games are so simple these days. Quite a relief to find some more challanging again 😀

  • Wolfbane01 says:

    Once you get into diplomacy with other players the game gets a lot more interesting

  • Mr_King_X says:

    Awesome RPG 😀

  • Slenderman says:

    I originally found this game through Google Chrome games, and i have really enjoyed it. the devs are very interactive on the forums, and are adding new features often. The game deserves a lot more attention, so please check it out.

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