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The Wrestling Game is a free text-based browser game. Every day you can choose a class you want. Train yourself in gym where you can learn new techniques and moves. Gain more skills to become a better wrestler. You can chat in real time with other players or share your experience in forums. If you think you’re ready, then just start fighting!

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12 comments on “The Wrestling Game

  • JonnyHurricane says:

    Now it is not that bad “Anymore” yes there were some bad instances and yes in some view of people now there is still “bad” staff on certain servers. The game has improvements and most of those mods if not all of them have been replaced and a lot better (On Server 1 in my experience anyways) And it’s a more friendly chat now. Lot of people forget stuff like this it’s a game and a business and in business there is a learning process. Learn from mistakes and build up from there. every comment here that states bad mods or the admins are tyrants I honestly do not see in the game today.

  • Jester Of Justice says:

    The site went from a traffic peak of 1.13 million in May 2012 to 100K today. Shows how the awful management alienated its player base over the years with it incompetence.

  • Sanic Hedgehog says:

    Just got permabanned for asking the same awful mod tanmin to explain why he was ignoring my pms where i asked him why he was being so rude ignoring me and being unfair to me what a tyrant he is no wonder the chat is dead if this is how everyone is treated but hey at least this time i got a warning that is an improvement for this idiot

  • Sanic Hedgehog says:

    i got banned by the awful mod tanmin shimazu just for using the chat and actually getting it active which is something nobody else was able to do the forum admin johnny zero was also very unhelpful i wanted to post on the official twg forum but when i asked him through pm what was going on he just replied saying “the forums are dead” so that is two useless members of staff no wonder the game is dead nobody chatted after i was banned again

  • Mauler says:

    The game is in total meltdown. Everyone is leaving. The official forum was getting so many posts from angry players that new threads and posts can’t be posted by players as the awful admin attempt to silence us. We will not be silenced. The last post is in September.

  • Thedarkboy says:

    Pretty boring. Don’t like it at all. Nothing fun to do, just watching timers.

  • keller07 says:

    I really hate this game. It is a waste of time. No thrill. 😀 sorry.

  • TWGuser says:

    This game is going to the wolves. This game is going to just keep dying.

    One player came into chat one day, and said he was going to take some pills and kill himself. This person was a moderator of chat, one of the people meant to uphold the rules.

    Now I can personally say that I do NOT want my children being in an environment with depressed adults who are talking about killing themselves. Especially when the person who broke all the rules is STILL a moderator, even though everyone knows about his mental breakdown.

    There are many complaints about the game, but there is one general point.

    TWG is a sinking ship. 0 out of 10. And despite the game being about wrestling, children should NOT play it. I wouldn’t want my children in a suicidal environment.

  • altot says:

    As a huge fan of professional wrestling I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed, looking at how the dev team just basically put a browser battle MMO aspect and C/P-ed it on to this game, disregarding almost everything about wrestling. I just can’t get onto the hype/fun train.

  • Brandon says:

    This game used to have a fun community and federations. Now it has neither of them, which it needs as the actual game is boring. A year ago the admin Abdel and Deliciouzzzz sacked all their staff on Server 1 for no reason, brought in an awful new skin that is still incomplete with popular features from the previous skin removed and began to permaban anyone who questioned them and the game. I recently logged into the game to find that most of the feds and players are gone, with only a few die hards remaining. The game will only decline further as this game is clearly unloved and uncared for by those in charge.

  • F1lthy says:

    The community and staff are so hostile and rude, especially to new players like I was. I tried to use the chat on Server 1 but I was accused of being an alt account by another player and I was permabanned by the chat moderator The Immortal Arkken. Awful experience. Do not recommend. Waste of time.

  • Fernando says:

    awful game the admin are tyrants it is never updated the community is dead the feds that are left are crap dont waste your time

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