Trenton Made

Trenton Made is a text-based browser mafia game where you can enter the world of mafia. Defend yourself and kill others. Visit the market to buy items, be a boss in a mafia family and rule with power and energy. Participate in missions, burn down houses or bribe the police. Take a control of your territory and defend it. Join this game to be a part of this community. Do you have what it takes to be one of the best players? Find out now!

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Text based browser game

16 comments on “Trenton Made

  • Mr g says:

    What happend to sway an I just bin fed says same ip well it’s going to if 2 people playing at same time in the same house hold still a top game tho wish all the old player like my self come back

  • Dr.House says:

    Sorry if you could respond to me on here I would appreciate it. Im fedded and staff cut off communication with me. That is absolutely ridiculous. Someone needs to talk with them about this. I do not recommend that anyone sign up for or donate to this game. It is a giant waste of time and cash. I appreciate your time. Thank you.

  • Dr.House says:

    The Man is running that game into the ground. He lets players slander each other and feds those being slandered. The real kicker is that TM used to be a great game. Its like they just dont care anymore. Maybe they should put it to bed already. Thanks.

  • Private says:

    This game used to be fun but has been going downhill for quite some time. I have experienced the problems concerning the fed,while others go free for stupidity. Lately the admins don’t even log on for weeks or months at a time. The Man needs to wake up and take control of this sinking ship.

    • Fck T.M says:

      Played this game for years RealLoad Then D-M was my handle Must have put £1000s In2 the game and I gota say I regret spending fcking penny STAY WELL CLEAR!!! The rules suck and its all one sided unless ur sucking dick to the MAN

      • Fck T.M says:

        And when the sever had crashed or when it was down (more times than I can count ) One time I had 1000s of my diamonds and half a bill cash in my bank (All from donating to the game) and it all disappeared When the server was back online after tweaking it I told the MAN about it and he said he couldn’t see any evidence and was totally blarza about it WTF?? Yeah I agree it used to be a good game back in the day but you would have to be damm right stupid to continue or start playing this

  • Caroline Hicklin says:

    I want to know why my account has been fedded when the only player that i’m funding is myself.Quite honestly I’m disappointed in how i was treated and i’m never returning to trentonmade whether i get un fedded or not.

  • Kronic says:

    The game has changed to many multis

  • Leon Borello is dead. says:

    Can one of the staff hit me at this email here thanks

  • Leon Borello is dead. says:

    Okay. I know I was an annoying mess here, and to the admins, the Westies, the Digulius family and a lot of other players, that’s an understatement. But banning me for being Bam’s multi. When we play from 2 different locations. Just wow. But I forgive them. And I wish to talk about coming back and making peace with the aforementioned players and their crews.

  • mr g says:

    The owner will fed u after u put real cash in to the game from packs and give I no refund even tho u in fed it’s not on they do not do eny thing to help just change the rules when they like they need to re think how to own a game how to be apart of the game and not just on the side lines

  • jimmy soranto says:

    Not only will you have your account banned without notice, but trying to get a reasonable explanation from the moderators as to why this happened, only results in hyperbole and self-righteousness expressed on their part. The moderators even resort to childish name calling — the slur directed my way, I really don’t wish to share in mixed company.

  • DeadTake says:

    Apart from the economy of the game being completely rigged now you will also find you get your account banned with no warrant.

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