Triborn is a browser based persistent game, fantasy themed – currently under development and marked as Beta. As an indie MMORPG in which your main focus is on exploring the lands and looking for hints and following game story. You’ll find mysterious secrets and interesting people. You can choose from many skills and activate them and let them do their job. Some features: Cooking, Crafting, Fishing, Farming, Sailing, Woodcutting and much more.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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7 comments on “Triborn

  • Lodes says:

    Triborn, even though still in Beta, is an amazing RPG, with a great community and admin. With almost daily updates, Triborn is sure to keep you entertained all day. A must for all.

  • Lyra Lou says:

    A very enjoyable game, with so many skills to choose from. You could never get bored. A great community of players and support from Staff. Definitely a game worthy of the time of people who enjoy this game style. A solid 5 out of 5 from me.

  • bdwhite34 says:

    Updates on a Weekly if not Daily Basis. Great Admin, lots of good and helpful players. One of the best games of its kind that I have played.

  • H says:

    This is a great little game with a fun and welcoming community!

  • Lady Vekma says:

    Early Beta RPG. And I agree with the other Comments, this game is gonna be great fun as it grows.

  • Ben Martin (Nero) says:

    Early development, text based RPG, wonderful Admin and minds going into its development and work, definetly one to get in on early or keep an eye on as it develops.

  • Goddess says:

    The game is in very early beta but the devs are hard at work at crafting a worthy persistent browser game and they continually interact with players to get feedback throughout the day. Keep an eye out for this game as it grows.

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