Unholy RPG

Unholy RPG is a free text-based browser game set in the fantasy world. If you have enough energy you can train strength, guard, agility and charisma. Academy is a place where you can take various courses to acquire new skills. Under Town section you can find several institutions and activities such as church, staff list, market, shops, rankings etc. Completing quests is the greatest method to earn money. Add enemies to a certain list, avoid going to jail, earn points and increase your IQ.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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Unholy RPG

8 comments on “Unholy RPG

  • Chameleon says:

    Hahaha.. I was asked to be staff on this game by Zed, the original creator of this game. When Sid and Deeds took over they had me do a maasive amount of work for them. I did it all, for free, spending many very late nights/mornings on it. Then Sid turned around and removed me from staff minutes after Deeds had just praised my work yet again.
    Zed was absolutely amazing. Seeing that Sid and Deeds drove it into the ground is, sadly, not surprising.

  • Kirito says:

    Hahahaha… did the game die?
    Thought I am about to come back and have a look to see how far it has fallen ever since the terribly unbalanced pvp system was added lol
    You made your bed, now you have to lie in it

  • Laowhy says:

    Dead game… nuff said

  • Scrooge says:

    just logged in and cant bear to see how low it has sunk compared to a few years ago… whoever is running the game now really did a shit job.

  • K says:

    Asshole owners don’t care about players. They ruined the vision of the game’s creator.

    • Zeph says:

      I play the game and the owners are great. They take care of the players and keep the game updated. Lately they updated the warring system and now it is the best I’ve seen anywhere. Holidays are great. The owner go all out to make them fun and rewarding.

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