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Vale RPG is a free fantasy-based browser game. Use arrows for moving, press C letter to talk to someone and X for fighting. You can train your stats like strength, guard, HP and MP. Keep an eye on your items in shop but you must buy a shop first. Send an application to join a clan, attack pets or work enough to reach rankings. Hall of Fame includes players who have highest level, highest mana, highest losses etc. Choose your class and upgrade him.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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25 comments on “Vale

  • RuccaBright says:

    Laid back nature of this game makes it AWESOME!!!

  • Apothas says:

    Awesome, and addictive. If you like RPGs, PBBs, or the Final Fantasy franchise, check it out!

  • Bookeater says:

    Funny game with intuitive mechanics. Pick a class, battle mobs, gain EXP and LVLs to increase your stats so you can fight harder mobs, Vale also has some other systems like fishing, mining and farming ! A whole map, creatures and equipments/weapons to discover by rising levels. A supporting staff that keep the game constatly updated. All in your browser and available at smartphones. Totally suggested.

  • Mahrl says:

    Nice game to play while watching netflix 🙂 regular rpg with leveling,stats allocation class upgrade and pets and pvp arena,mining,fishing and cultivating crops,you can’t move with arrows you move by clicking on different zones,progression is done with a timer,simple and fun overall to pass some time.

  • Anastazia says:

    Sehr schönes Spiel das man praktisch überall spielen kann. Die Comunity ist nett, der Entwickler hilft und geht auf die Spieler ein. Kein Spiel vor den man stundenlang sitzen kann, aber für Nebenbei absolut tauglich. Mir gefällt es sehr gut, andere mögen da andere Ansprüche haben.

  • DysturbedOne says:

    Fun game, simple and easy to play. Good to burn some time.

  • Dean says:


  • RoyFireE says:

    Only just started and after I ran outta energy I got a little ragey. My recommendation is to definitely make sure you look at the help link before you do too much spending. Otherwise its a fairly fun game once you figure everything out and give it its due chance.

  • Vanna says:

    old school rpg that works on any browser and os.. im playing it in a smart tv browser, almost all games wont work on it, but this game works on low level specs.. and it doesnt require much of my time

  • Valiant says:

    simple rpg and doesnt require most of your time

  • test says:

    it’s ok so far but the faq/how to play is incredibly lacking… has potential though..

  • MsSteve says:

    Great game, very good comunity.

  • Pikachu says:

    Great game!

  • Valsen says:

    It’s looking nice.

  • Sweettea says:

    I really like it so far, friendly community and interesting game mechanics. Awesome! Needs a better tutorial though, lol.

  • Vivessa says:

    So far the game is okay, it’s not bad really. It has this oldschool rpg feel to it and even has some oldschool rpg music to go along with it as well. Click play music down at the bottom and enjoy!

  • Zhunxi says:

    very nice game, many updates awesome Dev

  • 3spooky5u says:

    Fun game hopefully people will see its greatness and it will grow, a great community

  • Fraja says:

    Tolles spiel im Retro Style mit wirklich interessierten Entwicklern und Mods die ihr möglichstes geben zu helfen und zu unterstützen. Ich hoffe auf viele weitere Spieler die dazu kommen werden.

  • Astral says:

    Fun and interesting game, with active and helpfull staff 🙂 Regular updates, 5/5

  • Zim says:

    Cool, hoping it develops more.

  • Duke says:

    Very good game, similar to final fantasy!

  • Meghan says:

    Fun game. Great community 🙂

  • Paige says:

    Very fun game if you can get over the graphics and different mechanics.

  • Björn says:

    A interesting game with very active mods gladly listening to suggestions. Will turn out to be a quite nice game I think

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