Varamexia has a classic browser game structure, released around 2012. Active moderator creates lots of holiday events. Different item slots like helm, left hand, plate, boots, mount, ring, cape, amulet and so on. Game has its own forum. Feed the ducks at the pond, sweep the streets to find coins and other loot. Great community and constant updates. Timer based game that is friendly to veteran and new players and game is not pay to win.

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NB! Varamexia is currently OFFLINE
Classic browser game

21 comments on “Varamexia

  • Sassie says:

    this is not a good game at all the admin is something else

  • Wicky says:

    Unfortunately this game is either defunct for life or for a bit of time- It is unknown the situation and if the game will come back or not ๐Ÿ™ I’d imagine if it comes back online, it will not take long for it to crash and burn because alot of people are not trusting the game owner =-/ Putting this out there in case anyone is looking to try this game and is disappointed that it is offline(again, at this moment we don’t know if it is permanently offline or just what the situation is)

    • Bill says:

      Varamexia was recently sold. The new owner said updates will be coming soon.

      • Wicky says:

        Yep it’s been known about a week now that it will be up and running soon- Owner is learning code and will be cleaning things up/putting it back on ๐Ÿ™‚ Will update here when it is about to go back online

        • LadyLynn says:

          any new news of the new Varamexia opening ? Can hardly wait ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Wicky says:

            According to Shady via the facebook group itโ€™ll be very soon- Heโ€™s having dental work done in 2? weeks, wants to get that all done so he can be around when he brings the game up =) Heโ€™ll have a bunch of boosts going and skulls also to help us

  • Sinopa says:

    Varamexia is one of the best games I have ever played, the people are great mature and friendly, Uncool Tie constantly updates the game with new content and is always around to have a joke with. I would recommend this game to anyone who wishes to be part of a fun loving and great community

    • Wicky says:

      According to Shady via the facebook group it’ll be very soon- He’s having dental work done in 2? weeks, wants to get that all done so he can be around when he brings the game up =) He’ll have a bunch of boosts going and skulls also to help us

  • Bernie Sanders says:

    We live in a game where the top 1% of players own 99% of the wealth, and this has to change! Furthermore no player should have to go without healing items because they can’t afford it. If you elect me we will ensure that players can train any skill without needing their own materials and healing items are provided to all and not just the wealthy few. We will also open a pathway to registration for players coming from Syrnia. My opponent wants to build a firewall to keep Syrnians out and has said all Syrnians are hackers. This is not the position we of the Varamaxian game take. Thank you.

  • Elucidator says:

    This game owner can be motivated by Shady and his whole guild because they donate often. I know this for a fact. I was playing this game since beta, had no issue with staff or others in game until a merge with Shady’s guild. Which was them merging into my guild, which UncoolTie changed. Less than 6 mo after merging Shady kicked me from his guild stealing everything my guild had collected over 3 years of play, when I voiced in forums and chat the betrayal and how it made my game play not fun because I had nothing of value to offer another guild, I was promptly told that I was making game play uncomfortable to these sanctioned thieves. My name was AllThatTramp. I got messaged and whispered by several players they had done the same thing to. Stealing game things in this game forums got a few people banned. I got banned because this is or was the top guild, the game owner belonged to. What kind of game to play where the owner can’t separate himself from people who pay and try to control his game through just those who pay? Fairness cannot only stand in just forums and those who do it on a one person, especially when moderators are in the same guild. Stealing should be something not allowed by all.

    • Phloh says:

      You are telling two things in your post that have to be distinguished: ‘Owner can be motivated by Shady’s guild’ , and ‘ the owner of the game is in Shady’s guild’. Owner of the Game is UncoolTie not the same as Shady and also not in Shady’s guild.
      Stealing from guild compounds IS in fact prohibited by game rules [Guild Theft – You are not to empty out guild compounds with the sole intention of stealing the items. Bans will be handed out to those who refuse to return the items.], merging with another guild without being sure the new members accept you :/ not the wisest move. Not saying it’s ur fault just that it is inside the rules. And although i don’t know both Shady and UncoolTie that long, i’m pretty sure that noone(seemed to be other players too) would’ve told u that u are making the game unpleasant, if you would’ve made some fair comment about how that situation worked out from ur end. so how ever you ‘voiced’ ur complain. most likely the reason ppl complained, not the fact that u complained. UT maybe influenced by his donators, but afterall it’s his game and part of his livelihood. so u also can’t blame him for that. at least if u remain reasonable.
      I just want to point out here, that this is single statement of a single unhappy player, which goes against everything i’ve experienced in vara, concerning fairness, help amongst players, and reasoning with UT, so i’m pretty sure u overstepped some boundries somewhere.

    • Bizkiteater says:

      Shady is the game owner now. Elucidator hit the nail on the head about that Shady Character. 2 faced for sure.

  • wage says:

    This is a great game. Active and engaged dev; friendly and supportive community. Lots to do, great people to play with, lots of events/updates. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Caboose says:

    Timer ticks down to 0, rinse and repeat. You get to level up skills and watch the timer count down to zero again and again. The community is nice but do not make the Tie angry. He is not nice when he is angry.

    Also cows and training dummies are not your friends. So do not carry a lot of stuff on you.

  • Belwar says:

    Varamexia is among the best text-based online games I have played to date. As everyone else has said the admin is amazing and on daily. There are constant updates and always new bits and pieces to explore. The fact that it is not pay-to-win is huge in this type of game: all bought perks are global. The community is generally more mature then many games and troublemakers and trolls are quickly dealt with. It’s a welcome break from the ‘Barrens Chat’ that is seen in games. I would definitely recommend the game to anyone who wants a more relaxed and enjoyable time in an afk-type game. Definitely 5 stars!

  • Monsters2343 says:

    Awesome game. The admin Sam aka Uncool Tie is on constantly for hours a day,taking time out of his life just to be with us and make the game a wonderful place. Unlike some games out there Vara could lose the admin for 6+ months and as long as the server bill was paid it would have no issues for content or anything of that sort. This game literally has content already built in for most skills to gain for atleast another 1-2 years. You will never be lacking for new things to do being crafting or gathering type things or even combat. Combat in this game is a combo of magic attacks and basic attacking with weapons. Further more Combat can be broken into 2 types. There is the AFK and Non-afk combat. The way Vara is made the monsters have a max hit and you in-turn have an armor rating. So if the monster has a max hit of 15 and you have 150 or more armor then the mob can’t even hit you . (150 armor is rather easy to get) Then you have the non-afk style. This one is also simple. You heal with grown or cooked foods and just as with the AFK style the armor affects the mobs hit. So using the same armor of 150 if the mob’s max hit is 20 then it could do a max of 5 damage to you. So combat is simple yet rather rewarding. Also of all the games of this type i have played NONE have had a more detailed manual which lists every item and what it does. So , come join us survivors in the wonderful land of Varamexia.

  • Matthew says:

    This is by far the best text based browser game available today…Dev is extremely active…Game updates frequently..Active community…5 star rating without hesitation

  • YourWickedness says:

    i love this game because the uncool tie(game maker) is around alot and listens to his players, he’s always adding new things and very helpful…the game itself is awesome and has grown since the beta days, with a wonderful and active community and plenty of things to do in game- and the recent addition of boss fights is really awesome!

  • Sasha says:

    This game is the most player oriented game I have played. The game owner/developer accepts your suggestions and often implements them. Perks are game wide, example double xp can be bought with RL money or in game coins bought from player shops but instead of that one person getting double xp the whole community gets it. Varamexia is like many text based games but we have our own unique twist on things. Come & visit us…you won’t want to leave. 5 star rating all the way around from me. I love this game.

  • Matt says:

    Varamexia is one of the best Text Based browser game i have played in a long time. The admin is online at least once a day and actively chats with all players of the game. Players have an influence on how the game develops with interaction with the admin through forums and in-game chat. New content and skills are being added as the game develops in time, recently group boss fights have been added to allow players take on powerful mobs to receive great rewards and experience. Through-out the year they are holiday events to favour in games “gods” and there special locations to visit with event only task and mobs. 5 Star Rating from me !

  • Melana says:

    I have played these sorts of games for years and this is by far one of the best I have played to date. The Dev is constantly adding to the game and is in chat nearly daily to get feedback from the players about updates or issues. Events are always going on and show a huge commitment from the Dev to provide the best game possible for the players. Definitely a 5 star vote from me.

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