Victory Hockey League

Victory Hockey League, also known as VHL is a forum-based hockey sim. Sign up and start creating your player. Manage your player’s career, league participation and other management options. You can earn weekly points to evolve your player. You can create posts about your player, even videos or graphs. It’s all up to you how much time and effort you’re willing to invest. Big part of the game is community, which has grown quite large over the past 10 years.

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9 comments on “Victory Hockey League

  • Ryuu says:

    Awesome game, it can be hard at first but everyone is so supportive!

  • MrMaxx44 says:

    As a newcomer in the league, I can say that this league is very well run and is easy to get into. It is very captivating developing and managing your player’s career.

  • DollarAndADream says:

    Yo, this shit is sick, bruh. League is off the chain. I’ll never make the NHL in my life, but in the VHL I’m a Hall of Famer.

    Seriously though, it’s a great role-playing hockey sim. Real people GMing, real people creating the players, etc etc. It’s really fun. Get to it!

  • Jacob says:

    Honestly the best way to live out being a hockey player without actually playing hockey it’s gr8

  • Luke says:

    This is one of the best games I have played! I plan to be a long term active member for many seasons and years to come.

  • Beaviss says:

    Been playing cosistantly for over a year now. If your a fan of hockey or even just a fan of be a pro sim games it’s an absolute blast. Watching your player grow is tons of fun I highly recommend joining us!

  • Mikey says:

    The website/forum is confusing and nowhere does it explain how the game is simmed or anything about the simulator engine used. Everything is scattered about. It took me a few minutes just to find some generic rules. In essence, I get you create a hockey player, after that, no clue.

  • David Kiaskov says:

    Takes a little while to figure out how everything works but there’s great support and friendly members to help you out in getting started.
    If you enjoy task oriented text based games this one is for you!

  • Joey says:

    VHL is one of the best/active forum based games I have played on the internet!

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