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World of Bleach

World of Bleach is a free anime-based fighting MMORPG with unique 2D grid battle system. You will start your journey as a human and later you can choose your path between two races. Medical shop gives you different healing options to heal your character. You can take training classes, spar with fellow students and work on special challenges. In Central Park you can fight against different opponents and buy useful weapons. Increase your rank to be able to unlock more features and abilities. The highest rank gives you the ability to challenge for the position of race leader.

In a category: Fighting browser games
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World of Bleach

11 comments on “World of Bleach

  • Josh/"Logician" says:

    I have been a member on the grid for years now. Recently, with the expulsion of a member who was finally breathing life into the actual ROLEPLAY of WoB, I joined the forums to speak up about the positive effects his posts about RESPECT had been.

    I was, for the first time in 3 years, just insta-Banned from the forums. I get that maybe I wasn’t active enough on the forums last go around (the staff let it die, and fired all of the RP Staff), but just banning someone with a clean record, for agreeing with Common Sense? Because it was spoken by someone who isn’t a diehard League of Legends Fan, or someone who only ever talks about Overwatch?

    It was eye opening to see how little being a contributing member mattered to them. I emailed each of the Admins directly and got 0 responses as to why I was auto-banned, why my posts were merged with someone elses topic (who got mad because they thought I hijacked their thread), why I was banned when I registered again just to tell the Player that I *had not* posted in his thread…

    Staff were just a little too ditzy for my liking. It takes more than some Source Code from a rival site to make a good community. I enjoyed the lighthearted ‘lulz’ we all enjoyed, until I tried having deeper talks, and what came back amounted to “NEERRRRRD!” “GO AWAY, NERD!” “YO, DWEEB, WE’RE TROLLIN’ HERE!” and rotten tomatoes thrown at me.

    I haven’t been back on the grid since. What is the point, when there is such a powerful culture of disrespect and immaturity going there? I told Levi to tell me if that changes, but no word from him yet, so I take that as nothing has changed.

  • NotCextra says:

    (All Prices Real-World $$$)
    Squad/Fraccion switch: 5 shards
    Character Name Change: 10 shards
    PKing noobs: priceless
    shards: 1$ each (plus bonus shards varies)

    Uhm so i’ve been playing for a little bit. I play a lot of games – World of Bleach is a pretty good game. Combat is really fun, active, and learning new stuff and training skills feels worthwhile. The players are all pretty nice people, even though I am a bit on the dumb side there are plenty of people willing to help me out. (Actually too many people hehe i’m loaded $$$ cause these guys won’t stop giving me the money 😉 )

    I already got like 13 girlfriends, and like 15 Legendary Zanpakutou, oh yea I forgot to mention i’m also extremely popular IRL and in game. *spit noise*. Yea I can’t reveal my in game name though, or else i’d immediately be banned because i’m on a secret mission and if ‘they’ find me i’m done for. #ShiniRule

    Yea so immediately you’ll want to know how I got so extremely rich $$$ and popular. Well it all begins with the basics.


    That’s right – it’s just about being smart, and being smart with your shards.

    You can buy in-game shards for a low price of 7.5m yen – you might think that’s a lot of money but it’s very easy for a new account to make 1m yen in about an hour or two of just fighting. (Yea you might think that’s too much but it’s FREE [omg]!

    What no, I don’t spam fights to get yen [laughs] let me tell you another secret, the secret to my richness.

    It’s called being SMART


    That’s right, roleplaying. Not just your average roleplay.

    “Oh baka kun o///////////o sama anime chan”

    no get out of here with your RP. (WoB also features an RP chat)

    Naw I can’t reveal my secrets of SMART here, but if you click this linkvvv

    you’ll immedietly be rewarded with 50,000 yen – in game [wow], what it’s not enough? Well you’ll also have my name associated with your account ;0 – wait that’s even worse? No… :'( you can always register normally, but of course if you really want to know the secrets to landing success and money in WoB [world of bleach] PM me if you can crack the code to my username vvvvv Goodluck!

    ! artxeC ma I

    O ya the review 9.5/10 (-0.5 because lack of Zelda)

    • Xar says:

      The site is primarily run by, and geared towards the satisfaction of, younger teenagers. “ololololo git rekt”, “kys” and “wups aoe kite koa for crits” is about aseaningful as the conversation ever gets, and respect isn’t earned….It’s botted, with third party software that automated the training process for the highest-leveled members of the site.

      Members of the Gotei 13 can KO you and drain your health and energy upon a whim as a fellow Gotei member, and same with the Hollow side.

      The Owner, Levi Meahan, cuts corners and does bare minimum in response to direct conversations with him regarding an excess of Warnings and Bans performed by players who troll the low-hanging fruit that is the REPORT button next to every chat post, and every now and again, they are able to get someone banned or otherwise punished for some harmless statement they made, or question they asked, by sheer coincidence.

      If the owner can help you, because your account got deleted because some foolish hikd thought you might be someone else under a different IP reading from an entirely different geographical location, he won’t transfer your goods from the account that got buked to a new one, nor will he reinstate the old one, whining that, quote “I am not obligated to do that”, along with a canned response about not taking any action, and how you were found due to some “previous history” (even as you’re 2 days a member in the game), and how that justifies the harassment.

      Would not recommend, unless the Staff were replaced with rational adults who have some customer service experience under their belt.

    • Josh/"Logician" says:

      I don’t get all of this nattering on about how these ‘shards’ are so easy to get without money. If you actually try the game out, you will see everything said about the ease of acquiring shards is BS.

  • Amelia Rivers says:

    I have been playing the game for awhile now,and it has had it’s share of ups and downs but overall a very enjoyable experience,despite what some naysayers and straight up hatemongers would have you believe.
    12/10 would bang.

  • Hiro says:

    This game is more fun. i joined

  • EXODUS says:

    (All Prices Real-World $$$)
    Squad/Fraccion switch: $5
    Character Name Change: $10
    Naming your Zanpakuto: $30
    10 In-Game “Soul Shards”= $10
    Designing a custom Zanpakuto: $30
    Having your Support Tickets handled late & poorly: FREE

    I have been a Code Tester, Moderator, and – on one occasion – Player Admin on a few Browser MMOs over the years, and have had the benefit of meeting many aged, seasoned, experienced and qualified individuals who were running an honest business, and providing quality content to a quality user base.

    World of Bleach was *NOT* such an experience, for me, nor for dozens of other players who have been either Banned or alienated to the point of quitting over the years.

    I got the impression, early on, that I was dealing with a site Administrated and Moderated mostly by individuals 16 years of age and younger, and upon investigating the mishandling of Support Tickets and Sexual Harassment Reports – and the Staff who handled it – my initial impression proved accurate.

    I was penalized when my wife joined, and her account got deleted. After a couple of months had passed, and my wife tried to join again, her account was AGAIN deleted, and I was Banned from the game for 3 days. I asked for a refund for the money I’d spent on the game, and was denied it. I posted about the mishandling of my Support Tickets on the forums, and ended up Forum Banned (Permanently), and all of the evidence I supplied was deleted from the forums as well.

    If you want to have a fun Browser MMO experience, I would recommend one run and operated by a professional gaming company, rather than a bunch of kids with no real-world Customer Service experience, and whose idea of resolving an issue/dispute is “make the problem go away” with a Ban to the injured party, or – if they cannot determine who started it, which they usually can’t (even when it’s obvious, and evidence is referred to) – they will just ban all involved parties.

    When these experiences and concerns were aired to the community at large, after having exhausted ALL other avenues (short of a Subpoena), The responses varied from “NO 1 CARES” to “GO KYS, NOOB”.

    There is no evidence that Levi Meahan actually has much involvement with the site, aside from occasionally offering some of the Coder members in-game benefits for coding the site, which means he leaves it to a much younger player to run with the help of their Staff Roster, Mods and Admins alike ranging in age from 11 to 16.

    When bulletproof evidence was provided (which took awhile to get) that the Staff were far younger than they had claimed when applying for Staff, the evidence was ignored by LSMJudoka and Hitori, multiple “Warnings” and “Bans” begin getting issued BY aforementioned Mods and Admins, so much to the point where I had to leave just to preserve my own mental and physical health.

    To this day, Levi S. Meahan/LSMJudoka refuses to address his misconduct, or that of his Staff, and only 13% of the messages sent in (via Support Tickets, PMs and E-Mails) have even been acknowledged, although none of the concerns expressed in said messages were ever addressed.

    It’s really quite disappointing.

  • LevisAbs says:

    for a browser based game, its pretty well done compared to the majority out there.

  • Inazuma says:

    Great game. Been playing for 3 years now.

  • Legend says:

    Best Bleach Game Out

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