Your Mafia

Your Mafia is a level and stats based mafia game. You can start by committing crimes for money, crimes require nerves. Gain better stats by hitting the gym, which required energy. Use your resources wisely and make connections in order to survive the ruthless crime environment. If you feel strong enough, enter a cage fight for easy money. Bank your unused earnings or you’ll be mugged and left nothing but regret. Welcome to the tough world of Your Mafia.

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19 comments on “Your Mafia

  • JR says:

    This game belong to Miles formally known as Einstein on wize guyz. Don’t waste your money or time. He’s a hot head and cheats to get ppl to spend.

  • The king says:

    Is this game’s developer formly known as ‘AceR?’

  • Neve says:

    This is a great game! Admin’s are active, the game base is very active. It is a fun game to play!!

  • Scar Moon says:

    Great game and a lot of really cool people. The owners are always adding new content.

  • Justin says:

    Hey guys is truly a great game not only is it new with a large fan base but it’s also always changing. The admins truly care about their players and adapt to what they want to see in the game. The players asked for dogs and now there are dogs. If you are looking for a new fun game i would suggest this.

  • Moon says:

    Amazing game! Great people! Great owners!! Codez has a massive wang!!

  • Xayah says:

    Great game, great active community! Owners are always actively seeking ways to bring player suggestions into game play as well as adding new ideas/content of their own. This game is emerging, very addicting, the community is growing daily and there is always someone willing to help those who ask. Two thumbs up, Codez and Miles!

    Xayah #670

  • Marina says:

    Great new game and tons of players, more added all the time.. join an established gang or make your own.. Your game play is all up to you. Wonderful admin and owners who take part in the community, just don’t ask Codez about his wang (LOL)… Come join us and be a part of the fastest growing RPG game out right now..

  • The Butcher says:

    we have played these types of games for years and Your Mafia is the best one we have played in a long time…. plenty to do and the admin are great… oh and Codez has a small wang

  • HaVoK says:


  • B!tchy says:

    Great game!.. Im totally addicted to it!. Come join us n enjoy Codez’ massive Wang!

  • Hero says:

    The best Mafia game that has come up for while… great owners and always great changes being made!

  • A noob named Odge says:

    Join the game because it is 100% good.. Admin will also give you cookies ^_^

  • Month says:

    YOUR MAFIA is amazing and very addicting , the community of players will make you feel welcome and help you with any questions you might have. Feel free to join and say Hi in the ChatBox!!

  • Scrote says:

    Lots of fun to be had here! Great Admins and lots of fun players. (Except for that Ari guy, he’s kinda sketchy.. Heh heh heh) Regular Game upgrades based on users suggestions.

  • codysteel1286 says:


  • Ari Caige says:

    Great website and a nice base of users growing daily! Come check us out and if you have any questions once you reach us, feel free to message me for help ID # 25 Ari Caige

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