Xterium new universe with 1000$ pricepool

June 06, 2016 | 4 Comments| Xterium

Xterium new universe and 1000$ pricepool

Xterium is going to launch a special universe with a prize pool competition of 1.000$, yes you are reading it correctly. It will happen from 1/07/2016 to 1/09/2016 (during the whole holiday) and the prize will be awarded in the 3-5 days after the end of the competition.

The universe will start with a testing period of 7 days, after which it will restart, so the official start for the competition is on 7/07/2016 and will end on 07/09/2016. Prize will be given from 08/09/2016 => 15/09/2016 depending on the speed of the players that provide their paypal or bank account information.

The specificities of our second universe will be:

Speed ​​universe:
Mining resources x1000
Research Speed ​​x500
Speed ​​buildings x1000
Fleet x10 speed (can be increased up to x15)
Speed ​​x7 expedition

Loss of debris:

Drop a fleet static 50%
Loss from static defense 20% (can be changed)

4 attack on the planet within 6 hours
1 additional attack between rival factions
4 attacks with the destruction of the mission are considered separately (+ 1 if the factions)
8 attacks during the war, the destruction Guide

Regular bonuses:
Bonus combat experience 100%


Price 2.500.000 create alliance
Beginners protection system (the difference x5)
The reward for the referral 50.000.000 DM


The ban on the transfer of resources

The prize pool is definded as follow:
1st place – $ 300
2nd place – $ 200
3rd place – $ 150
4th place – $ 80
5th place – $ 70
6th place – $ 60
7th place – $ 50
8th place – $ 40
9th place – $ 30
10th place – $ 20

The winner will be determined based on the points of weapons. (fleet + defense)

#1 Vampiros
#2 Kurosaki
#3 Savage Zoldyeck
#4 Incro
#5 Razador
#6 Fox
#7 Thor.
#8 David
#9 Fragolina
#10 ShinyLilly

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