Free browser games that are not P2W

June 11, 2016 | 5 Comments

Free browser games

Finding a browser game that fits your criteria and isn’t P2W is hard to find. It’s alright if you donate to the server and you get a different name color or a skin or very small bonuses, but when it comes to how much damage you deal or other overpowered bonuses – then this is no good.

What makes a browser game Pay to Win?

There is a very thin line between a small boost and overpowered boosts. Usually the amount that players can spend is not limited so the more they spend, the more boost they get. Now as a free player with no intention in buying premium boost items – this can be very frustrating. Worst example of P2W is restricting map areas and items.

If the donator items are balanced and doesn’t give too much of an advantage over free players, then there really isn’t anything bad to it. Luckily there are still browser games out there that rather wish to provide player experience and are not providing too overpowered premium packages.

We have picked one game from various categories that we think are the best free Non-P2W browser games, check below:

Free browser games list

1) The first one in the list is also the largest text based browser game out there – Unique mafia based BBG called Torn City. While they do provide premium packages, they are well balanced so free players are fine with that. The package just gives small bonuses and a bit less waiting on timers. If you don’t get the premium package, then you are not missing out on anything.

2) The second game falls under a SciFi category and is called AD2460. This game used to be premium, with a monthly fee, but was converted into free to play in late 2015.

3) Third game is Browser Dota, which is a well-known strategy game that is based on the original Dota game. Doesn’t have over-powered premium items and has a friendly community.

4) Last game on the list is The Kingdom of Loathing – a simple text based fighting game. It’s as raw as a game can be, no fancy graphics, just text. The game itself is full of hidden jokes and is being regularly being expanded by admins to provide fresh content for old players. Admins motive is not to earn money so you find yourself in a very balanced game.

5 comments on “Free browser games that are not P2W

  • Wyrm419 says:
    Evernight “The Reign of Darkness” is a strategy game that pits you against other players in a quest to conquer the world of Midia. This world is filled with a vast number of conquerable regions.

    Each new player begins with only a single region, however, by deploying your forces and launching calculated attacks into the surrounding regions and player’s kingdoms… the player’s borders rapidly expand.

  • Nik says:

    Another game that falls under this category is Initium! You have it in your database too!

  • Baukens says:

    Xterium is also a good game, it has indeed a premium shop and some paid features, but it will not forcely bring you to the top of the ranks.

  • Arogandor says:

    The Grail Lords is another free to play game that is made for fun instead of making money!

  • Rukkanor says:

    And the worst companies for Pay-to-Win games are: Gameforge and Innogames.

    Congratulations to them!!!

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