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Pirate Galaxy - 3D space themed SciFi browser MMORPG

Pirate Galaxy

Pirate Galaxy is a SciFi based 3D free to play browser game with open-world space world to explore. Good graphics and effects for a browser game, lots of missions and PvP possibility. Very action-packed spaceship wars. Lots of spaceships to choose from, all can be customized to your liking. Easy contsols and lots of features to keep you occupoed. Great balance, nothing is overpowered and no P2W.

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Dark Orbit reloaded Space MMORPG

DarkOrbit Reloaded

DarkOrbit Reloaded is where you take part in galactic fights by getting awesome weapons equipment and destroying aliens and other players. Game itself launched in late 2009 and for few years was at it’s peak. This good-looking space MMO is also free to play. Multiple ships for you to choose and upgrade, different ship builds (tank, support etc). Definitely more fun if you are willing to put few bucks in, otherwise can be very difficult to compete with veteran players. Massive action-packed clan wars and events.

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Forgotten Elements - hack 'n' slay mmorpg

Forgotten Elements

Forgotten Elements is a classical 3D hack ‘n’ slay type MMORPG. Start by selecting your character type (Elemental, Rampager, Huntress, Shaman). A small download is required, but after that always runs on your browser like any other browser game. Nearly 100 different character skills to unlock and use, none are restricted to a certain character type. Test yourself which skills work best for your character. Randomly generated maps always give you something interesting to discover. Quests are also big part of the game in order to get experience and loot. If you feel strong enough, try getting into PvP action and start crafting items and unlock achievements.

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Freefall Tournament - 3D browser MMOFPS

Freefall Tournament

FreeFall Tournament is a 3rd person shooter playable via web unity player in browsers. You can choose from 10 different class types, each class has its own unique skills and weaponry. In Freefall Tournament you need to buy characters so just fight until you have the money and try a new character. PvP is major part of the game. Lots of maps to choose from, some maps have their own gameplay modes.

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