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Ultimate Assassins

Ultimate Assassins is a Mafia themed fighting RPG. Rank against other players with the same goal in mind – to reach the TOP! Become powerful, rich and eliminate other players. In the beginning start doing crimes for some each cash. You have certain money and bullets – but it can all be lost when you get hit by other players – so watch out! The game has a lot of features, some features will be unlocked as you progress through the game. The more you advance, the harder you are to kill, making it easier for you to attack others.

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Assault Online New, Responsive

Assault Online

Assault Online is about competing and working with other players. You can start a clan, help each other out or attack each other and grab more land. Or even attack others with your clan, the choice is yours. Attacking is limited with Morale and turns. You can explore Land or sell it. Start researching to get more money or to get better at attacking, shipping etc. Manage your buildings, units, missiles and satellites. Use marketplace to sell or buy items, use forum to look up information.

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MobstarGame New, Responsive


MobstarGame is a free mafia-themed MMORPG where you could become the godfather. Commit minor crimes like robbing an old lady or stealing a jacket. As you progress, you can unlock more difficult crimes. Accept a mission, complete the required tasks and win rewards. Add skill points to take more damage, create more resources, construct real estate faster, increase your power and much more. Apply for a crew, gamble in casino and earn achievements. Some features are only available for a paid account which can be purchased in the Mobshop. Explore the underworld and become the most respected gangster in MobstarGame.

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Mafia Omerta

Mafia Omerta is an online mafia game. Visit the black market to buy guns, drugs, explosives, vehicles and scrap items. In the store you can purchase beat weapons such as shovel, brass knuckles, lead pipe, steel chain, sledgehammer and baseball bat. In the store you can also spend Omerta points to buy punching bag, dictionary, business plan, law degree, and so forth. Take a look at the job list and do different jobs to increase your strength and earn money. You can choose between smaller and bigger jobs. You get one Omerta point by completing every small job. In casino you can buy chips and play blackjack.

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Killers Instinct Mafia

Killers Instinct Mafia is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that lets you take part in the life of mafia gangs. Open a bank account and invest your money to buy your own house. The most expensive houses are Town House and Lake House. Newbtown is the main center where you can find casino games, shops and item market. Go to school to acquire skills, get a job and join an existing gang or create one yourself. Complete missions, train your stats and commit crimes.

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New Yob City New, Offline


NewYobCity is a mafia-themed browser game. There are crimes like stealing a bike from the garden, robbing a purse, mugging a baby, kicking over a trash can and much more. Accept a mission and complete it in 24 hours. You can find items, gain experience and earn cash points in the Back Alley Brawl. Buy a pet to be able to participate in a pet track, go to the pet gym, commit pet crimes, and so forth. There’s also an opportunity to pray once a day – select a prayer to get more money, points or experience.

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Your Mafia

Your Mafia is a level and stats based mafia game. You can start by committing crimes for money, crimes require nerves. Gain better stats by hitting the gym, which required energy. Use your resources wisely and make connections in order to survive the ruthless crime environment. If you feel strong enough, enter a cage fight for easy money. Bank your unused earnings or you’ll be mugged and left nothing but regret. Welcome to the tough world of Your Mafia.

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Mafia Vengeance

Mafia Vengeance is a combination of mafia and fighting browser game. Gather your friends and create a gang or attack others by yourself. Increase your stats and reach the leader of the day to get points. Play in casinos, travel to other big cities, increase your defense, speed and strength. Better stats give you better crime success rate. Steal from an old woman, steal vehicles or shoplift a food store.

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Mafia Tactics


MafiaTactics is an online browser-based mafia game. Visit Market to purchase/sell weapons, illegal narcotics, fancy cars or air vehicles. Take a look at Bank section if you want to open a bank account, deposit/withdraw your money or crack the vault. You should hire certain people for better protection and who can work for you. Under Hire section you can find operative units and defensive units. Join a family, attack opponents, complete challenges and live a real gangster life.

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Reunited City

Reunited City is a mafia browser game where you have a possibility to explore Reunited City. The basic aim is to increase stats, get stronger and become one of the greatest gangsters ever. That’s why you need to train in the gym and commit crimes, so you could gain experience as a criminal. You can earn money by getting a job, gambling in casino or selling items. In jewelry quarter you can find beautiful necklaces, watches and rings.

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City of Mafia RPG New, Responsive

City of Mafia

City of Mafia is a mafia themed role-playing game with endless opportunities. Besides committing crimes, you can run your own company and earn lots of money with your business. Being a successful businessman assumes participating in courses, so you could acquire new skills. Think about your dreams and don’t give up before you’ve fulfilled them. Joining a gang allows you to make new friends and cooperate. Attack other players and become one of the most fearful mobsters ever.

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Cracked City
New, Offline

Cracked City

Cracked City is a classic looking text-based RPG without much graphical effects. It’s similar to other crime based games where you visit gym and participate in crimes to get extra money and experience. As always, you choose your career path as you pick your daily job. The more income you have, the better property you can afford. This game is a good way to get back the nostalgia when crime games were very popular.

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Pimp Legacy New, Offline

Pimp Legacy

Pimp Legacy is a mafia browser game. Start your journey in Chicago. You can leave Chicago to get experiences in Las Vegas, as well. You can choose the amount of turns you want to spend on producing weed or crack. Thugs will cook rock for you. You don’t want to lose your thugs, so be aware of their happiness. Make sure to keep your thugs happy as happier thugs produce more rock. Use hoes who will make you money. Get a lot of hoes and discipline them to earn more money. Create a crew and conquer the mafia world.

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TrueMMO as the name suggests is a true old school crime based browser MMO. Start with crimes to receive experience to level up and cash for buying yourself a weapon, armor and boots. Move over to more difficult crimes to maximize your rewards as you progress. Players can attack each other, but there’s a 24h protection for new players. Daily jobs such as Lucky Dip, Search Downtown, Point smuggling and more. Complete missions that have limited time to be finished. Missions require you to attack, complete crimes, mug other players, bust players from jail, etc.

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Mobster World

Mobster World

Mobster World is a TBBG with a classic fighting based approach, opened in February 2018. Even for a new game the community is surprisingly active. You can start by stealing some candies and later on ending up robbing gas stations and doing other riskier and more rewarding crimes. Hit the gym to train your strength, defense and speed – each attribute has its own purpose. Your character is restricted by health, energy, awake, and nerve, but you can always use the live chat to kill some time if needed.

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Pocket Mafia
New, Responsive

Pocket Mafia

Pocket Mafia is a free browser-based roleplaying game where you can get involved in a real mafia life. You should collect crystals which you can use to purchase certain items and equipment. You can also spend your crystals on IQ, money or energy refill. Take a look at the real estate and earn money to buy your own place. At first you’ll be living with your parents, but work hard to be able to afford an apartment, suburb home, villa, palace or other fancy buildings.

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Modern Mober New, Offline

Modern Mober

Modern Mober is a free mafia-themed browser game where you could become the most feared gangster. Purchase a gym card, hit the gym and start exercising. You can commit crimes such as breaking into a garage, jacking from a dealership, stealing a celebrities car, mugging an elderly person, stealing from a rich mans house and more. Modern Mober includes different ranks which are based on your xp and cash. Gain more xp to become the Boss, Godfather, Legend or even Official MM Legend. Earn more money to become a Millionaire, Gillionaire, World Wide Millionaire or even Billionaire. Work your way up the ladder and feel your power.

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Ruin and Revenge

Ruin and Revenge

Ruin and Revenge is a crime based online RPG. Do crimes to get your hands on some easy money. Visit city and player shops to equip yourself with deadly weapons. Train yourself at the gym and start making yourself a name. Join or create a gang to survive long term. Go to school and take courses to educate yourself. Explore the streets and try staying out of jail. Gain experience to level up and climb the rankings.

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Gangster Block
New, Responsive

Gangster Block

While playing Gangster Block you can enter a dangerous world of mafia, street life and domination. Take a look at Hustle section where you can find crimes, heists, job, drug factory, searching the streets and more. You can earn money and gain experience by committing crimes like shoplifting, stealing a vehicle, pickpocketing, mugging and breaking in. Don’t forget to train in the gym, take educational courses, fight against opponents, gamble and join a gang.

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Mafia Online New, Responsive

Mafia Online

Mafia Online is a mobile-friendly mafia game. Round-based game, started on 25.08.2018, currently over 100+ players. Mostly a Player vs Player game. Create or join a Syndicate. Start your business, trade your goods. Hit the Casino to kill time or test your luck. From your HQ you can manage your Garage, Armoury, Security, Bullet Factory, Hospital, Bank accounts and safehouses. You an build your leadership and driving skills and workshops allow you to produce guns and ammunition. Weekly updates, latest technology and a growing community makes it a very potential Mafia game.

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The Revolution MMO

The Revolution

The Revolution is a new fighting based RPG. Train your character by doing crimes and hitting the gym. Take full advantage of The Starter Pack, Hourly Rewards, Daily Missions and Voting. Voting gives you a lot of credits and you can use them to do more crimes and gym. Another good tip is to Search The Streets for extra money and items. Action points regenerate at a very good pace so you don’t have to wait for long to do crimes when you’re run out of AP. Overall – You can spend hours in the game without getting bored. Game is also frequently updated for more content.

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