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Mafia Hustle

Mafia Hustle is a mobster themed online RPG. Doing crimes, hitting the gym and creating your gang, these are only the few aspects of the game. Bust people out of jails or kill them for bounty – the choice is yours. Level up, compete against other people in rankings ans show no mercy. Gain enough money to get yourself an armor to protect yourself as well as primary and secondary weapons to defeat your enemies mercilessly.

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Bootleggers is a browser-based multiplayer mafia game set in 1930-s in the United States. In the game you are a gangster who competes with other players all around the world. In the beginning you will be able to pickpocket. As you play more active and grow, you’ll be also able to steal cars and be a part of organized crimes. Get better every day and try to be the best mafia.

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Mafia Rising

In Mafia Rising you have been given a possibility to become a gangster. Your basic goal is to survive in the murky underworld. To accomplish the goal, you have to train your stats and get stronger. You can easily apply for a job, but you could also run your own business. There’s a possibility to create a restaurant, a waste management company or a night club. In the clothes store you can purchase or steal clothes.

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World-Mafia Responsive


World-Mafia is a free browser-based text game about mafia. The list of crimes includes vandalism, burglary, growing cannabis, shoplifting, robbing jewelers and raiding a weapon factory. You can take a look at different gangs and decide which gang you would like to join. Select a target and try to kill him. Complete missions, gain experience and earn money. The game also offers you an opportunity to travel to other locations and participate in street races.

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New Yob City

New Yob City is a mafia-themed browser game. There are crimes like stealing a bike from the garden, robbing a purse, mugging a baby, kicking over a trash can and much more. Accept a mission and complete it in 24 hours. You can find items, gain experience and earn cash points in the Back Alley Brawl. Buy a pet to be able to participate in a pet track, go to the pet gym, commit pet crimes, and so forth. There’s also an opportunity to pray once a day – select a prayer to get more money, points or experience.
NB! the game is under new ownership and management.

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Mafia Struggle

Mafia Struggle is a free mafia browser game. You can complete missions to earn points as a reward. Back Alley is a risky place where you have a chance to find cash points and items. Commit crimes such as robbing a house, stealing a ice cream van, shoplifting a jewelry store, mugging a teenager, killing an FBI agent, lottery fraud and much more. Drug dealer is where you can buy marijuana seeds and sell your weed. You should search downtown every day to find cash, points and items. Purchase cars, create a gang, play Car Chase, gamble in casino and reach the top.

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The Mobster Game

The Mobster Game is a free text-based browser mafia game. This game is the best mafia MMORPG since 2006. Join with players so you could attack them and defend yourself. You must choose your path well because there are drugs, theft and murder out there. You can also organize and create your empire. Be careful and be wise. Start playing and enjoying the best mafia game right now.

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Text based browser game


BGMafia is a text-based browser gangster online game about gangsters and criminal life. In the beginning you’ll have some money have to rice. This game is all about respect. Every time you attack someone and win, you’ll get some more respect. You can develop your skills when you attack people who are just passing by. Be careful not to end up in jail! Are you ready to show some respect?

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Mafia Cities Legends

Mafia Cities Legends is a mafia-themed browser game. Money Press produces cash, so collect it. The more you upgrade the Money Press, the more money it can produce. Successful crimes ensure you with experience and cash. Gain mafia power to perform better. Ammunition is required to attack opponents. Produce ammunition in an ammunition factory. The tutorial offers you basic challenges to understand the game. Attack another player, purchase troops, take a look at rankings and more. Family is necessary to start a meth business or take part in wars. Upgrade the hospital to gain more health and become a resistant.

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Mafia Vengeance

Mafia Vengeance is a combination of mafia and fighting browser game. Gather your friends and create a gang or attack others by yourself. Increase your stats and reach the leader of the day to get points. Play in casinos, travel to other big cities, increase your defense, speed and strength. Better stats give you better crime success rate. Steal from an old woman, steal vehicles or shoplift a food store.

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The Mafia Boss

The Mafia Boss is an online mafia role playing game. It’s based on real mafia life and you can be a part of it. Visit Black Market to buy alcohol, drugs or weapons. Visit casinos to make some money and you can keep it in the bank. Attack other players if you think you’re ready and strong enough to do it. Also, think about being in a family, because it’s hard to do it alone. Be a real gangster!

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Text based browser game


PimpsLord is a free text-based online multiplayer game. It’s about street life where you must use your strategy. It’s a cruel life out there, where you can collect some cash, rule a city or country and create groups. The goal is to get to the top. If you’re new at this game, you should use scouting and glocks. You should also join some group for protection. Would you survive?

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Top Mobster

Top Mobster is a free mafia browser game where you can take part in real gangster life. Action section allows you to attack your opponents, produce narcotics, visit black market, and so forth. You can earn more money by gambling in casino, collecting loan payments or other illegal activities. You can keep you money safely in the bank where you have an access to deposit/withdraw your money any time. Visit other locations, create a cartel and fight against enemies.

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Your Mafia

Your Mafia is a level and stats based mafia game. You can start by committing crimes for money, crimes require nerves. Gain better stats by hitting the gym, which required energy. Use your resources wisely and make connections in order to survive the ruthless crime environment. If you feel strong enough, enter a cage fight for easy money. Bank your unused earnings or you’ll be mugged and left nothing but regret. Welcome to the tough world of Your Mafia.

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MeanStreets is a text-based browser game where you can become a mobster and rule the underworld. Start your career by working at McDonald’s and work your way up to become a pilot. There are lots of crimes such as breaking into a car, robbing a wallet, stealing a lamborghini, running a lottery scam, selling herion, beating up a teenager, identity theft and much more. Train stats, buy a car, take educational courses, purchase a house and search the city to find cash and earn points. You can also visit the weapons store, buy points, play roulette, travel to other areas and do missions.

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Text based browser game


Omerta is a massive multiplayer online text-based RPG gangster and mafia game. It’s set in the 1930-s mafia world. Your goal is to get higher status, more money and better respect. After committing a crime, stealing a car or busting your friends out of jail, you will get points. Another cool thing is that you can rob a bank and run your own crime ring. It’s a huge help if you have allies who will protect you in this dark cruel world. Challenge yourself to be the next top gangster.

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UK- Mafia Offline

UK- Mafia

UK- Mafia is a text-based browser game with mafia setting. The game includes a lot of various crimes such as smuggling, killing, stealing cars/boat, mugging, kidnapping, selling drugs etc. You can visit bullet factory to purchase certain amount of bullets. Gamble and try out your luck in casino or get yourself a drink from the bar. Visit black market to buy weapons, bigger garage, marina, planes or increase your item storage. You can travel to other locations, create a family and trade items.

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The Mafia Network

The Mafia Network is a free mafia-themed browser game. Pickpocket, rob, kill, sell illegal items, commit a fraud, steal cars and much more. Running a company is available as you reach the hitman ranking. You could add players to the most wanted list. Determine the reward for killing the target. Organized crime allows you to rob a casino or the national bank. Drugs transportation mission is a task between a commander and participant. There’s a requirement that both players have to be in the same city. Select a drug type, complete the operation, earn money and gain experience.

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Mafia Thug

Mafia Thug is a browser game where you can mold your thug life the way you want. Get yourself a pet, train it and let it help you with crimes. Your equipment plays a major role in terms of power so save up some money and get the best gear you can find. The game features classical mafia activities that include illegal actions, so you have a possibility to live outside the law. Under events section you can read more about events that are related to you. For instance, you can see whether you’ve been attacked recently and who won the fight. In the car dealership you can purchase some exclusive cars.

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Streets Of New York

Streets Of New York is a mafia browser game with lots of features. It’s a role-playing game that allows you to enter the underworld and experience adventures. You can create an organised robbery, but there’s also a possibility to commit automatic organised robbery. If you want to get involved in illegal action, you can buy/sell drugs. There’s a big list of casino games, so you have a perfect chance for gambling. Kill your enemies by searching for right opponents.

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