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Clash of Avatars

Clash of Avatars is a 3D MMORPG with Anime style graphics including both PvE and PvP. Over 60 avatars to choose from, 10 pets, 5 dance modes, 50 mounts. Interesting Boss fights and events, there are also various PvP events from time to time. If you are tired of manual play, then there’s also a built in auto-play system so you can sit back and enjoy the show. Join a guild and start demolishing dungeons together.

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RuneScape Hot, Responsive


RuneScape is a game of virtual life in medieval times. Very popular 3D MMO that can be played using simply your browser. You can be a merchant, fisherman, woodcutter, miner or whoever you want. Leveling up each skill individually to unlock more features. Fighting is Ranged, Melee or Magic based. One of the main focus of the game is PvP, getting a good gear is part of that, high smithing level can help you out. Graphics are excellent for a browser game, a lot of players, regular updates and events. Game map is large so lots of exploring can be done. RuneScape Classic can be still played by premium members.

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Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online is a F2P browser based MMORPG with 3D graphics and hack’n’slash features. Lots of quests, customization and spells. Medieval themed cities, lots of maps, caves and frequent in-game events. You can choose to play solo or with others, definitely more fun playing with your whole guild. The only downside is that you need Java in order to play so it isn’t compatible with mobile devices.

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Global Strike - Free 3D FPS game

Global Strike

Global Strike is 3rd person shooter similar to Counter Strike 1.6. Various modes like Mutant, Deathmatch etc. Even great to play on low spec PCs. Has medium experience rate, gold has huge importance in the game. Lots of weapons, maps and events. Can’t compare the graphics with modern FPS games, but the focus is on gameplay which sure is addicting and fun.

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Freefall Tournament - 3D browser MMOFPS

Freefall Tournament

FreeFall Tournament is a 3rd person shooter playable via web unity player in browsers. You can choose from 10 different class types, each class has its own unique skills and weaponry. In Freefall Tournament you need to buy characters so just fight until you have the money and try a new character. PvP is major part of the game. Lots of maps to choose from, some maps have their own gameplay modes.

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