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MobstarGame New, Responsive


MobstarGame is a free mafia-themed MMORPG where you could become the godfather. Commit minor crimes like robbing an old lady or stealing a jacket. As you progress, you can unlock more difficult crimes. Accept a mission, complete the required tasks and win rewards. Add skill points to take more damage, create more resources, construct real estate faster, increase your power and much more. Apply for a crew, gamble in casino and earn achievements. Some features are only available for a paid account which can be purchased in the Mobshop. Explore the underworld and become the most respected gangster in MobstarGame.

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Infamous Wars

Infamous Wars is a hacking based online browser game, keeping a classy text based feel without fancy effects or images. While making an account, the game’s system will choose your account type between “Hackers” and “Police” side. As a new player you are rewarded with a Welcome Pack that contains money, gold, points, prison keys and even 15 days of donator status. If you’ve played crime based text games then you know the drill, get experience via crimes, attacks etc and watch our for your Health and Energy. Get achievements, climb the rankings and earn wealth in this online hacking based RPG.

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Lords of Legend

Lords of Legend is an oldschool fighting TBBG. Races are Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Trolls, Undead, Dark Elves, Draconians and Fangolians. This fantasy based RPG is a turn based war game against other players. You may join a clan and help each other to reach the top of rankings. Develop an army, forge your weaponry and choose your soldiers. Every half an hour you get an attack point and money which is based on your population. The gameplay and old fashion artwork will give you the refreshing nostalgic feeling.

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Bots 4

Bots 4 is a free browser based fighting RPG. Earn trophy points to buy buffs that have magical effects such as battle speed, certain percentages of experience and energy. Train your dexterity, strength, intelligence and constitution to become more powerful. Visit showroom to buy weapons and train yourself against Trainmate. Join an existing clan or create one yourself. After level 2 the fighting gets really aggressive. To register a tournament you need be at least level 20.

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Battered Shield

Battered Shield is a free browser-based text game where you can enter a significant fighting world. There’s an opportunity to acquire skills by upgrading skills to the next level. The list of skills contains fishing, cooking, woodcutting, farming, crafting, hunting, smithing and many other skills. If you have acquired great skills, it’s also time to purchase a perfect equipment. On the left you can see your current quests so complete missions and earn awards.

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Tanoth is a free graphic-based multiplayer browser game. King Targon disappeared and the entire country fell into darkness and depression. His brother Halgan has been ruling with an iron fist. The catastrophe happened in the east but now the other is growing in north. You can choose an adventure, fight and you can even work. If you want to know more then explore the world of Tanoth!

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BattleMaster is a combination of strategy and RPG. Middle-age fantasy game with lords and nobles. This is not your everyday grinding text based game. The core element of this game is interacting with other players. Does not require too much time investment. Regular updates and active game moderation keep the game fresh.

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FutureRP is a fun online role-playing game that allows you to explore the world and enjoy wonderful adventures. Simply create your character and start with your significant journey. Increase your stats, gain experience, earn more revenue and defend yourself from others. Take a look at the list of skills and acquire new skills to become more powerful. You can create a guild, purchase points, gamble, visit the monster farm and upgrade your character.

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MMA Tycoon

MMA Tycoon is a free RPG about making a fighting career. You will be a manager and you must create your fighters. Take a look at fight offers to make sure not to miss booked fights. Get yourself sponsors, make great contracts and keep an eye on your financial situation. Visit Highstreet to join various gyms or gamble and win money with Spin and Win game. You can also become a VIP-member or purchase various clothes such as T-shirts, shorts etc. Train in the gym, make history and reach top rankings.

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Pokemon Eclipse Hot, Responsive

Pokémon Eclipse

Pokémon Eclipse is a pokemon based browser RPG. Rich features, forum, global chat and much more. Train your pokemons, create your crew and fight againts others to advance. Catch your dream rare pokemons and battle yourself into the rankings. Minigames and mining available. Lots of frequent updates and events. With almost 1 million users, this game is one of the most popular pokemon based games out there!

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Lyrania 2.0 is a text based browser game with highly active community. Game has its own global chat to help out new players with their problems they may encounter. Auto-attacking available, no limited energy bars. Rankings available. Players are friendly and there’s a medium sized community. Choose your equipment and upgrade or downgrade items. Lots of quests to choose from. Classic text based browser game. Game went live May 1st, 2011.

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Arcane Kingdom Responsive, Offline

Arcane Kingdom

Arcane Kingdom is a free role-playing game. While Signing Up you must select a race and a element but you should read their little description beforehand. You can fight manually but you can also use automatic fighting. You must upgrade your skills to various classes such as Master, Supreme, Ultimate and Legendary. Earn achievements if you’ve upgraded a level, gained gold, killed enemies or found the certain amount of keys. Each accomplishment gives you an award.

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Amaranthine is a text-based browser game. You can find twelve skills and thousands of item combinations. Increase your skill experience. Different skill types like resource skills, production skills and combat skills. Resource skills are mostly for acquiring base materials. Production skills can turn raw materials into different items. Combat skills are for your own protection and attacking. Start by doing some quests, this way you can learn all of the game functionalities and gain bonuses. If you can’t figure something out, the community is friendly so make sure you use in-game chat system.

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Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals is a fantasy browser game with zombies. The main goal is to destroy undead creatures as fast as possible. The victory is yours if you have defeated all the zombies. Keep your people alive as your final score will be determined by the people who are left alive. Train villagers so they could become Swordsmen. During an attack, the army with the smallest strength will be destroyed. In the Tavern you can choose a card pack and select one of the three cards which will be added to your collection. Blight of the Immortals includes races such as Elves, Goblins, Men, Trolls, Orcs and Dwarves.

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Dino-RPG is a free text-based browser game with virtual pets. First you must purchase a dino and think about the name for him. After a fight with another dino you can take a look at some information, for example how much health you lost, how much experience you gained and how much gold you found. You should join a clan so you could fight together with other players. Explore the Dinoland, buy yourself lots of dinos and shop for useful items. Collect more points to beat other players in the Hall of Fame.

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Dark Grimoire

Dark Grimoire is a free fighting text-based browser game. Create your character and keep in mind that you can create many characters and increase their levels. Under Inventory section you can find equipped items. You can also keep an eye on your character information such as level, profession, gold, power, HP, stats etc. Movement section gives you an opportunity to explore the world and move aroud in different directions. Guild Hall informs you with your available points.

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Travian is an online multiplayer strategy game that is also one of the most popular browser games in the world. The structure of the game is simple. You will start your game in a small village. When the time goes by, you should build you own empire and get an army to fight against other players. Travian has thousands of other real players so you will not get bored.

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Relics of Avabur Responsive

Relics of Avabur

Relics of Avabur is a browser game with fantasy setting. You start your journey in The Glendell Glade. Go fishing, cut wood/stone and go mining. Fight against monsters in The Living Forest to gain experience and earn gold. The variety of monsters includes Forest Troll, Giant Wasp, Amarok, Pinebrush, Ibex and lots of other creatures. In Training Center you can train battle skills, base power and harvesting skills. Complete battle quests, buy crystals, join/create a clan and purchase great equipment. Verifying your email address is optional, but it gives you 25 crystals. In-game chat with other players is very active!

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Scalawags is a free roleplaying game with pirate ships. Your pirate ships will become more powerful as you progress in the game. Some of the features are joining a fleet, battling, plundering treasures, trading for precious material and much more. Sail to unknown places to explore the seas. You can use a spyglass to take a look at the world map. Keep an eye on your ship’s condition where you can find total actions, earned gold, food stores, and so forth. Scalawags is currently in Open Beta mode. So get a pirate ship to become a pirate captain.

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Enthroned RPG New, Responsive


Enthroned is a fighting based browser MMO. For starters choose your favorite race to begin with. Once you feel like dominating, try out the bounty section, might as well be awarded for taking someone down. As expected of text based RPGs you can fight monsters, create or join existing guilds, add bounties and claim them, finding and buying new items, selling your stuff on market etc. This game is quite fresh and is supporting even mobile users. Currently in alpha status with most bonuses pushed up for people to experience more of the game. You can expect new features to be added daily.

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Kingdoms CCG

Kingdoms CCG is a free card collecting game. Enter the battleground and use your cards to defeat opponents. You win the fight when your opponent’s life goes down to zero. If it’s your turn, you gain 2 mana and you draw a random card from your pack. Pick out a card, place it to a right position and end the turn. Win the battle to get new cards. Kingdoms CCG includes four types of cards. Creatures attack opponents and protect your hero. Gear cards are powerful, spell cards cast exclusive abilities and rune word cards help to keep board control.

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