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Eternal Fury

Eternal Fury is a free browser game running fully under HTML5, in which you will have to fight the demons plaguing your city and build your castle to strengthen your leadership. The game features 3D graphics, spectacular battle effects, upgradeable units, turn-based RPG action and endless quests to enjoy.

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Pitwall is a mobile-friendly racing team management game. Control your sponsors and finances. Each team also has fan, depending on the popularity of the team. You can make deals with suppliers, quite similar to sponsorship. Construct new facilities for your team. Manage your drivers and staff. Do your best at qualification and race sessions. Track and measure your statistics, learn from your mistakes and good luck with your team!

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While playing Gtiracer, you can enjoy the magnificent world of racing. Gtiracer includes lots of cars and you can select the perfect car by assessing its speed, acceleration and stability. In the list you can find quite average everyday vehicles, but earn money to be able to purchase fast and expensive sports cars. After you own a car, you can start tuning your car. Buy right parts, build the fastest car and join races. You should get a job to earn a stabile income.

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Elite Streetracing

Elite Streetracing is a classic text-based browser game. You can participate in car show offs, tournaments, street races and other missions and crimes. Big part of the game is collecting various vehicles. You can loan a car to get difficult mission done or just try out the car before you buy it. All cars can be tuned and must be fueled, cars can be obtained via auction house as well. Very simplistic looks and wide range of features makes it a great timekiller. Rank up against others and find friends, because community is also part of the game.

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Fast Speed
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Fast Speed

Fast Speed is a free online racing game. Purchase the fastest sports cars such as Chevrolet, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, and so forth. Purchase unique auto parts to tune your cars. Choose a competitor and race with other players. Garage is a place where you can see how many races you have won/lost and how many cars you currently have. You can get a job as a mechanic, taxi driver, fireman, personal driver, pizza delivery, transporter or choose another career. Earn money, upgrade your cars, make friends and become one of the best racers in the ranking of the game.

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Racerz is a text based racing and tuning browser based game. Start by getting your first car from a car dealerships. Although the first car might not be your dream car, you can still tune it up and start chasing your dream car. Race and win more money to get better car setup and race against other players to beat the rankings. You can also go drifting or even smuggle some drugs – the way you earn your living is up to you. Racerz is also mobile friendly, will nicely adapt to your smaller screen.

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SR-Reborn is a racing based browser game that is a fresh revamped version of the 2006 classic Street Racerz. Still keeping the classic text based racing game feel while bringing us unique vehicles. Game focus is on blacklist for players to try and dominate. Your priority is to have the highest valued garage. Hit the streets and participate in tournaments. Gain reputation in K.O to climb the blacklist. Big part of the game is tuning your cars and showing them off in car shows. Cars can also be traded between players in the market.

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Motor-Racing-Manager is a true formula racing game. Your skills as a racing team manager as being tested. The game does not hold your hand and you need to learn the basics of the game and have an understanding of team management. You have the possibility to follow your races live as well, although not mandatory. Make sure to complete as many objectives as possible as this also allows you to enjoy all game content. Start doing practice seasons to get your foot through the door. Needless to say you can tune and upgrade your cars as you see fit. Worth mentioning is that the game consists of accurate real world tracks.

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xRace PRO

xRace PRO is an online racing persistent browser based game. With limited fuel and money you have to survive the competition by racing and winning. Upgrade your car and if you feel like your car is at its limits, buy a new car. Your car has 3 attributes – Speed, Stability and Acceleration. Various updates like Braking System, Electrical System, Engine, Exhaust System, Filtration, Gearbox, Suspension etc. Race against other players, keep an eye on the Hall of Fame. Get a job and keep your money in a bank.

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4×4 Country

4×4 Country is an off-road themed browser game. “Hit the Trail” is great for leveling with your Rig. Hitting trails takes into account your rigs equipment and stats. You can challenge your rig against the most popular trails in the world. Crimes can get you started with gaining experience and money. Improving stats is important in building your character. 6 main stats are Strength, Agility, Guard, Labour, Rig Strength, and Rig Ability. Leveling goes hand-in-hand with training because as your stats increase you can gain XP faster.

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