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Star Trek: Alien Domain New, Hot

Star Trek: Alien Domain

Star Trek: Alien Domain is an online strategy RPG released in June 2015. Sci-Fi space themed gameplay with PvP option and colonies. Players use strategy to advance further through game and control their resources. In addition players will manage their defensive and military units and research new technology. Since this game is based on the storyline of Star Trek, focus will also be on players starships.

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The best space strategy game

Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire is space strategy game. Main goal is to build and lead your own empire towards success and fame. 4 main resources are Metal, Crystal, Deuterium and Energy. Some buildings require different technologies to be researched in order to build them. Join an alliance to get support from old players who are willing to share their knowledge and tips. You can build your own shipyard and call merchants for different in-game trades.

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Barons of the Galaxy

Barons of the Galaxy is unique browser game, a mix of Business and Sci-Fi. The game doesn’t run on a cheap copycat platform, but has been custom developed with the help of the community – it was successfully funded in Kickstarter. Inside the game you’ll start manufacturing products depending which field you pick. You can be a merchant by selling your goods or even a vicious attacker. Political system in which players can vote on events that effect the cities, planets or entire solar systems, you can even be elected to rule these cities, planets and star systems making everything bad that happens there entirely your fault. The game system won’t let too powerful players dominate the game, it actually gives small players opportunities to shine.

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Galaxy Warfare Responsive

Galaxy Warfare

Galaxy Warfare is a free Sci-Fi browser game with space exploration and combat. Join a faction, earn experience and start leveling up. Explore the Galaxy, find resources, complete quests, find planets and battle other players. Make sure to upgrade your ship to be able to travel further when you play. The ship can be upgraded in different ways and you can also install additional components on your ship. Valuable items can be received by finding them on planets, winning them in the auction, purchasing them from the shop or you can destroy other players and get some of their items.

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Sol Source Online

Sol Source Online is text/image based game. Casual space themed browser based strategy. Game is tick-based (one hour). Different resources, units, structures. 3 main races, every race has it’s own attributes and ship types. No NPC attacking, players attack other players to advance in the game. Also featuring different planets, items, war generals, precise economy and global chat. Join an alliance or be a lone wolf. Design/looks are rather old-school looking. Website is not mobile friendly. If you like Sci-Fi games then give this game a try!

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Core Exiles

Core Exiles is a massive, sprawling Sci-Fi themed RPG, but at the same time easily accessible and compartmentalized. There is no end to the things you could do every day, yet every activity can be embraced or ignored as you see fit. No direct PvP, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable gameplay with no threat of griefing or bullying. Many opportunities to coordinate and cooperate with fellow players on game-wide projects, raids, and in guilds. Actively developed, new avenues added frequently.

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SG Wars

SG Wars is a text based MMO. In this Sci-Fi strategy game you can choose between 4 characters when creating your account. Asgard has +25% defense, Replicators have +25% spy, Wraith has +25% attack and Tauri has +25% income. There are lots of missions. Increase your military effectiveness and create and alliance if you think you are ready to lead others. Auction house and market place available. This game has frequent updates and a medium sized playerbase.

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islandoom New, Hot


Islandoom is a strategy based browser game. You can pick a nation between Divitos, Medius, Furium and Armun. Graphics and Illustrations are top notch, gameplay and goals are easy to understand. You command and grow your island to become more wealthy and powerful. Explore new areas and form alliances and trade with other players. Complete missions and collect useful items. Manage your economy and construct ships and buildings. Once you feel powerful enough, try PVP duels. Game also has main goal – to capture a certain Fortress.

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Galacticax Offline


Galacticax is a strategy browser game that includes science fiction world with the Universe and planets. The first decision in the game is choosing a specie, so take your time and make the right decision. Under the alliance section you have an opportunity to create your own alliance and become a ruler. Technology tab contains various facilities and systems where some of them are researchable and some of them are constructable. For any questions visit the forum.

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Dragon Knights of Valeria 2

DKV2 is a cryptocurrency based Sci-Fi game originated from the previous version of the game – Dragon Knights of Valeria. Game consists of Planets, Battle Cruisers, Drones, Rebels, and other SciFi related featured as well. It’s a fairly simply TBBG, except you can earn various cryptocurrencies along the way. All of the available currencies can be exchanged with other players, you may withdraw or deposit them or even spend them for in-game bonuses if you’d like.

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Ferion is a free massively multiplayer online space strategy game. It’s quite old game, because it has been on the web since 1999. You don’t need to download anything to play this game. The idea of this game is to build your empire, attack your enemies and defend yourself. To be the best, you must use your own strategy. Find out whether your strategy will be good enough to be a winner.

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Combat massive multiplayer online game

Chosen Space

Chosen Space is a combat massive multiplayer online game where players take control of their ships and travel to far away galaxy. Players can discover the world of galaxy and planets. There are many possibilities, for example there are many different playstyles, mine asteroids or search for bounties. Thousands of people play this game and you have a chance to share with them. It’s your decision how you communicate with other players. You could join others or play it alone your way. It’s all up to you.

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Edgeworld is a browser galaxy game. Build facilities on your base and keep it safe from the enemies. Gun Turret is the first defense building to construct. It automatically kills enemies. The Command Center is the basic center where operations are being managed. Upgrading the Command Center allows you to construct more buildings. Attack opponents to gain experience. More features will be available as you progress. Start training troops once you’ve built barracks. Go researching after constructing a tech lab.

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Antaris Legacy

Antaris Legacy is a text-based Sci-Fi browser game. You should start by increasing your production and researching new technologies. Starting with one planet and later on colonizing various other planets to expand. Increase your defense units and create hangar units. Five main resources are iron, gold, energy, crystal and elyrium. Outstanding futuristic artwork and active game development.

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stellar invictus New, Responsive

Stellar Invictus

Stellar Invictus is a Sci-Fi browser game. You start by picking between 3 factions, choose between Attack, Defense or Storage bonus. Mining stations are needed to gather Ore which can be sold. You can complete missions to receive credits, simply warp to Mission Site and start completing your objectives. It’s difficult to get credits at first, but once you can take down people from the Bounty list – you’ll enjoy big rewards. Join a Corporation to get help from other players and take part of the community. Game is mobile friendly and even has an App in Google Play.

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Battle Space

Battle Space is a browser-based text game set in space. You aim is to expand to reach the top. The first mission is constructing a research lab. It’s necessary to unlock new ships and projects. Once your mission is over, report the quest and earn rewards. Mother planet is called Terrene and you can do research on Terrene Foundations. As you progress, you can build weapons laboratory, defense system, ship factory, and so on. Headquarters section allows you to explore galaxies, organize fleets and deploy ships.

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HaloSphere 2 Responsive

HaloSphere 2

HaloSphere2 is a popular browser-based Halo-themed MMORPG. Before you can start playing, you have to join a faction. There is a short review of each faction where you can read its advantages and disadvantages. Choose carefully as this decision is a very important factor of your future. There’s a possibility to buy a territory grid in different dimensions. Joining a clan requires at least level 10. However, if you want to create a clan, you have to be at least level 15.

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AgeOfSpace New, Responsive


AgeOfSpace is a free strategy multiplayer browser game set in science fiction universe. The main aim is to expand to be able to dominate other galaxies. Make sure to build buildings, ships, defenses and new technologies. Allies are important and it’s advisable to contact nearby players and alliances. Keep in mind that all research is essential to the development of your empire. Farming is an action where a player raids other players with weak defenses/fleets and a lot of resources. Try to avoid farming by having as little excess resources as possible. Build defenses, complete missions and explore the galaxy.

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GigraWars Responsive


GigraWars is a sci-fi browser game where you have an opportunity to explore the galaxy. One of the basic features is constructing facilities. There’s a great possibility to turn the website into mobile-friendly layout. This means you can play GigraWars on PC and also use your smartphone or tablet. In GigraWars you can find an active forum which you can visit to ask questions or read suggestions. However, the game is in German, so it’s a big help if you speak some German.

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Imperial Conflict Responsive

Imperial Conflict

Imperial Conflict is a free sci-fi browser game where you can explore the galaxy. The council is a section that gives you general information about your empire. All empires have gathered into a small group or in other words, each empire can be a part of a family. Planets area is very important as you can build facilities over there. In addition, you can find an attacking feature in Imperial Conflict, so be prepared for battles. Collect resources, expand your empire and become a leader.

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