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Best11 Manager

Best11 Manager is a free online football manager game with plenty of challenges. Manage your club, improve skills, join competitions, handle your finances, define your own strategy and win rewards. You can create up to three different tactics and switch your strategy according to the opponent. You should consider signing the sponsorship contracts as the sponsors are one of the most reliable sources of income. Notice that sponsorship contracts are valid till the end of the season. Find the greatest players with big talents and train your team to reach the top. Some advantages are only available for premium players.

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Xpert Eleven

Xpert Eleven is an online football management game. This certain game is about coaching. There are two options to coach your league. You can create your own team or you can also join with team that already exists. The choice is up to you. Another good thing is that you can play it against your friends and challenge them. Simply get your friends together and create your team. Do you have what it takes to be the best coach?

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Virtual Manager

Virtual Manager is a soccer RPG that combines text and graphics into a perfect harmony. You could say it’s a text-based graphic game that offers you little bit of everything. Take care of your stadium, find yourself sponsors, make contracts, keep an eye on your finances. Make sure you hire some good staff members to help you succeed. Learn from your match results and be open to press releases.

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SoccerProject is a free text-based sport game about football management. You can become a team manager, train your team members and win various tournaments. If you want your team to be the best you must consider smart strategies that will help you win. Tactics section allows you to choose the position of penalty kicks/stopping penalties, aggression, playing style and also select a captain. Create the perfect team by selling bad players and buying good ones.

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Cycling For Fun

Cycling For Fun is a text-based browser game where you have a possibility to manage a cycling team. Check out your team, keep an eye on your cyclists, train them and promote them after a good race. Training includes technique, sprint, stamina and even teamwork. You can also sign up your cyclists in a training camp to acquire new skills. Training camp contains various camps with each giving you different skills. Keep an eye on your financial situation, challenge other players and earn achievements.

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Soccer Manager Hot, Responsive

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager is the combination of two soccer games. You can choose a single player or multiplayer mode. Single player game is called Soccer Manager 2015. Multiplayer game is called Soccer Manager Worlds. The concept of those games remain the same, you will try to lead your team towards victory. Very fast-paced game with very modern design. Mobile app support for better tablet and mobile experience.

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Trophy Manager

Trophy Manager is a sport centered browser game about football management. Start your journey with instruction to learn all the basics. Keep an eye on your match or skip it to the end to see the score. Start upgrading your stadium with useful facilities. Hire football players and train them to create a better team. Training includes unique skills such as technical, tactical, defense training etc. Every talent has a profile where you can see graphics about development and acquired skills.

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SIM Horse Racing

SIM Horse Racing is a free text-based browser game with virtual horse races. You can buy horses and also bid on horses at auction. A horse needs to be at least two years old to breed. There are lots of different tracks and you can race your horse at any track. Don’t forget that shipping a horse around the world takes time so you have to make sure that your horse will arrive at the destination by race time. You can create a horse, build a farm, create a race, lease horses and keep an eye on the financial summary.

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GTRacer has features like: Lobby system for chatting, club system. Start your own car dealership. You can even wash your car and fill the fuel tank. Different drag races and driving styles to choose from. Always up-to-date and interesting events from time to time. Like all racing games, you must modify your car the best way you can, as light and as fast as possible. Try not to blow up your engine though. Images and design is pretty modern. Very popular online browser-based racing game.

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Online soccer game Hot, Responsive

Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is an online football manager game. In the game you can become a manager of your favourite football team. It’s up to you whether you create your own league or start one with your friends. Train your players to be the best and use the best strategy and tactics to become the greatest football manager ever. Sign up and start coaching right now!

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Socceracy is a free MMO football game, view from top. As each player is controlling one person, the teamwork is the key to scoring. It is recommended that you invite your buddies to play this game with you and team up against others. As a new player with no experience in the game, it helps if you watch how others play first. Then you can make a practice match to test kicking the ball around as well as the overall movements. After you feel comfortable with moving and controlling the ball, pick a match and start playing against other players.

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Grid-Iron is a sport text-based browser game about American Football. Club is the most important section because it includes information about your players, training, staff etc. You can train attacking, fitness, tactical, but also catching skills, passing skills and footwork. Staff consists doctors and coaches who you can hire or fire. Build a training hall, fitness centre, club shop or youth academy and upgrade your facilities. You can also expand your stadium and take a look at national teams.

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Victory Hockey League

Victory Hockey League, also known as VHL is a forum-based hockey sim. Sign up and start creating your player. Manage your player’s career, league participation and other management options. You can earn weekly points to evolve your player. You can create posts about your player, even videos or graphs. It’s all up to you how much time and effort you’re willing to invest. Big part of the game is community, which has grown quite large over the past 10 years.

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MMA Tycoon

MMA Tycoon is a free RPG about making a fighting career. You will be a manager and you must create your fighters. Take a look at fight offers to make sure not to miss booked fights. Get yourself sponsors, make great contracts and keep an eye on your financial situation. Visit Highstreet to join various gyms or gamble and win money with Spin and Win game. You can also become a VIP-member or purchase various clothes such as T-shirts, shorts etc. Train in the gym, make history and reach top rankings.

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Cyclingmanager is a free browser game where you may enter the cycling world. Your aim is to manage a cycling team by using your own clever strategies. Train stats such as endurance, climbing, downhill, time trial, teamwork, sprint and much more. You can choose a skill of the coach. You may achieve the best training value when the skills of your coach and a rider are the same. Get sponsors, purchase the best cyclists and join competitions. You can find the best riders by using a search filter. You can only reach the top with hard work and real dedication.

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The Wrestling Game

The Wrestling Game is a free text-based browser game. Every day you can choose a class you want. Train yourself in gym where you can learn new techniques and moves. Gain more skills to become a better wrestler. You can chat in real time with other players or share your experience in forums. If you think you’re ready, then just start fighting!

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RedZoneAction is a sport browser game about American football. First you have to create your team by choosing a team name, an abbreviation with three words and a country. Training is an important section because it helps your players to acquire new skills and develop. Occasionally take a look at the injuries report to see the latest injuries. Transfer Agent is a helpful place to look for new qualified talents. Upgrade your team, hire the best players, get sponsors and increase stats.

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Footballidentity is a sport role-playing game where you can become a player, manager or journalist. As a footballer you should find a team and sign a contract. A manager needs to find a team and apply for the open position of team manager or assistant manager. Journalist character should first specify in which available newspapers to publish your articles and then start writing articles. Being a footballer means constant training, improving your skills, working together with your team and playing matches. As a manager you can schedule team trainings, handle contract negotiations, select the match tactics, talk to the media and much more. As a journalist you can do interviews, find interesting incidents and create articles.

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Goal United

Goal United

Goal United is an online football manager game. Manage training, formation, transfers and more. Hundreds of thousands of international players and no installation required to play. Recommended to play via PC browser. Compete against other managers or play friendly matches and league matched weekly. Take care of your stadium by increasing your income and buying new buildings. Visually great graphics with regular various in-game promotions.

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New, Responsive


Matchday11 is an online football management browser game in which you manage your football team in order to compete against other managers. Your job is to build a strong squad by transfers, scouting as well as youth academies. Realistic domestic leagues competition and cups, similar to real life European cups. This is not your typical “set prices on tickets” type of football manager, this is a true simulator. Supports low resolution devices such as mobiles and tablets.

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