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Visual Utopia

Visual Utopia is a strategic empire building game. Create a city by moving your army to a free spot and settling the colony. Build your city near a mountain to get bonuses. More aggressive playing style allows you to take over another city. Afterwards, you can construct buildings to expand your empire. Lots of facilities such as homes, mines, magic towers, warehouses, lumber mills, farms, and so on. Buildings are more effective in certain locations. A farm produces more food when it’s built in a city that’s near a river.

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Starships is a free, browser-based text game where the player explores various systems filled with planets, asteroids, enemy ships, and other hazards. You’re the owner of a starship and your main aims are to attack others, solve mysteries, and explore, while making your starship ever more powerful. The game can be a bit daunting at first, but a friendly tutorial will guide you until you have the hang of things. It is played on a grid, so there are eight directions available and you can move in any of those directions.

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Text based browser game Responsive

Conquer Club

Conquer Club is a text-based browser game where you must use a great strategy. There are many games and you can select which one you would like to play. You can choose how many players will be playing. Select your opponent whether you would like to play against another human or Bots. You can also have a private game with your close friends. Another good thing is that you can’t get bored, because there are over 200 maps where you can play. Enjoy!

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Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals

Blight of the Immortals is a fantasy browser game with zombies. The main goal is to destroy undead creatures as fast as possible. The victory is yours if you have defeated all the zombies. Keep your people alive as your final score will be determined by the people who are left alive. Train villagers so they could become Swordsmen. During an attack, the army with the smallest strength will be destroyed. In the Tavern you can choose a card pack and select one of the three cards which will be added to your collection. Blight of the Immortals includes races such as Elves, Goblins, Men, Trolls, Orcs and Dwarves.

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Orkfia is a strategy role-playing game that allows you to become the leader of a tribe. One of your jobs is to keep the tribe safe and it can be accomplished by training your army. Another job is to expand your tribe which can be done by exploring the world. In order to wander in the surroundings, you need citizens, crowns and defense. If you want to be more successful in battles, you ought to gather information about enemies and critically choose your opponents.

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Travian is an online multiplayer strategy game that is also one of the most popular browser games in the world. The structure of the game is simple. You will start your game in a small village. When the time goes by, you should build you own empire and get an army to fight against other players. Travian has thousands of other real players so you will not get bored.

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Dragons of Atlantis

Dragons of Atlantis is a dragon based empire building game. Game involves a little bit of strategy for battles and a lot of resource gathering for updates. You can take care of your own dragon, who will then in return protect your city. Dragons can level up and they can be equipped with protective armor parts.

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The Outbreak

There has been a outbreak of a virus and the world has become a scary place. The Outbreak is a browser-based roleplaying game set in a post apocalyptic world. Your aim is to survive by using smart strategies and completing missions. One of the important sections is constructing, so gather resources and build lots of facilities. You should also try to increase your score as it can lead you to better positions in the Hall of Fame. In blackjack you can make a bet and gamble.

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Rail Nation New, Hot

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a train simulator browser game with a little hint of strategy. You start with a very basic model so buy an engine for your train. Later on you can research new engines to advance. Make sure you get some railroad cars to transport your goods so you could start generating income. When you are earning a steady income, upgrade your train stations in where you have various buildings that give you bonuses. The graphics is outstanding for a browser game. The game should also be just fine to play with mobile devices.

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The best space strategy game

Zorg Empire

Zorg Empire is space strategy game. Main goal is to build and lead your own empire towards success and fame. 4 main resources are Metal, Crystal, Deuterium and Energy. Some buildings require different technologies to be researched in order to build them. Join an alliance to get support from old players who are willing to share their knowledge and tips. You can build your own shipyard and call merchants for different in-game trades.

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The Last Knights game

The Last Knights

The Last Knights is a strategy round based game with various ages. You may buy soldiers like Footmen, Horsemen, Peasants, Peltasts, Slingers and Spearmen in barracks. Each type of soldier has its own wage and stats. Make sure you keep an eye on your income, don’t hire too many soldiers if you can’t afford them. As you battle, you gain experience points and eventually level up. Hire a hero, buy weapons and learn hero skills.

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Minethings is a strategy based online game. Real time valuable collecting throughout the day even during logged out session. Feel free to trade with other players locally or even in foreign cities. Let the bot work for you, check what you have gathered and increase your profits. There are also 12 professions, each a little different. Create your own collection of high valued items and keep on mining!

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Star Trek: Alien Domain New, Hot

Star Trek: Alien Domain

Star Trek: Alien Domain is an online strategy RPG released in June 2015. Sci-Fi space themed gameplay with PvP option and colonies. Players use strategy to advance further through game and control their resources. In addition players will manage their defensive and military units and research new technology. Since this game is based on the storyline of Star Trek, focus will also be on players starships.

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SG Wars

SG Wars is a text based MMO. In this Sci-Fi strategy game you can choose between 4 characters when creating your account. Asgard has +25% defense, Replicators have +25% spy, Wraith has +25% attack and Tauri has +25% income. There are lots of missions. Increase your military effectiveness and create and alliance if you think you are ready to lead others. Auction house and market place available. This game has frequent updates and a medium sized playerbase.

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WarFlow is a strategic war game. Town Center is the main center where you collect taxes. The level of Town Center has to be the highest level of all buildings. Upgrade facilities such as shop, treasury, training ground etc. Get into the war and start fighting. You can choose between different militaries. In the battle results, you can see how many soldiers your unit lost. As you progress, you are going to attack stronger enemies. That’s why you need to strengthen your army by training. Select a hero and a training time. Common training is free, but advanced training requires gold.

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Evony is a medieval strategy based browser MMO. This game used very outrageous tactics for getting famous. Populate your own city, advance your buildings, manage taxes, but keep your citizens satisfied. To expand your empire you first must generate lots of resources, mostly through buildings and by attacking nearby empires. Different military units available. Main resources are iron, food, stone and lumber aka wood. Join alliances or create your own. Premium users will dominate free users by far.

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Therian Saga
New, Hot

Therian Saga

Therian Saga is a modern empire building browser game. You control your community, expand your empire, explore the world. Interesting quests and very beautiful design and artwork. Interactive combat, not fully automated. Important aspect of the game is crafting, you can add various elements to your items. Possible to play with multiple accounts at once, play with another account while you wait for an action to be completed. Microsoft Silverlight installation required to play.

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Galacticax is a strategy browser game that includes science fiction world with the Universe and planets. The first decision in the game is choosing a specie, so take your time and make the right decision. Under the alliance section you have an opportunity to create your own alliance and become a ruler. Technology tab contains various facilities and systems where some of them are researchable and some of them are constructable. For any questions visit the forum.

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Virtual Nations

Virtual Nations

Virtual Nations is a text-based browser game where you become a virtual citizen and live a virtual life. Try to get a job, but after purchasing a vehicle, the job list is wider. Obviously you can buy/create your own business and become a head of your own company. Don’t forget to read newspaper to know every significant issue. Under Military section you can find training area, hospital, harbour and other essential institutions. Go fishing, study new knowledge, go to the university or take part in politics.

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Illyriad is a text based strategy empire game. Many resources like wood, clay, iron, stone, mana and food. In buildings you make items, research technology, cast spells, undertake quests and build armies. You need a Library. A library allows you to research technology which unlocks new buildings, units and actions. Food is used to feed your town’s workers, and your farms will need to be upgraded for more food as your town expands. You get a nice statistics of your empire as well. If you are planning on picking an empire based game, then this is it!

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