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Soccer Manager Hot, Responsive

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager is the combination of two soccer games. You can choose a single player or multiplayer mode. Single player game is called Soccer Manager 2015. Multiplayer game is called Soccer Manager Worlds. The concept of those games remain the same, you will try to lead your team towards victory. Very fast-paced game with very modern design. Mobile app support for better tablet and mobile experience.

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Star Wars Combine

Star Wars Combine is a free text-based Sci-Fi game with space setting. At first you have to create a character and join a faction. On the sidebar you can take a look at your character profile, current level, keep an eye on your hit points and number of experience. Equipping is an essential skill because it allows you to wear weapons and armour. The game gives you an opportunity to create a Party which includes several characters. Visit inventory section, move around by using travelling action and conquer the galaxy.

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Cantr II

Cantr II is a free simulation RPG. Create two characters and select character’s name, gender and language for both characters. You could read about most important events, search for other players and talk to them. Enter the location section to gather material: dig stones, collect wood or farm potatoes. Keep an eye on your various vehicles and facilities. You start the game with a tutorial and a test character. Once you’ve learned all the basics you can enter the real Cantr II.

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SIM Horse Racing

SIM Horse Racing is a free text-based browser game with virtual horse races. You can buy horses and also bid on horses at auction. A horse needs to be at least two years old to breed. There are lots of different tracks and you can race your horse at any track. Don’t forget that shipping a horse around the world takes time so you have to make sure that your horse will arrive at the destination by race time. You can create a horse, build a farm, create a race, lease horses and keep an eye on the financial summary.

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Online soccer game Hot, Responsive

Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is an online football manager game. In the game you can become a manager of your favourite football team. It’s up to you whether you create your own league or start one with your friends. Train your players to be the best and use the best strategy and tactics to become the greatest football manager ever. Sign up and start coaching right now!

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Grid-Iron is a sport text-based browser game about American Football. Club is the most important section because it includes information about your players, training, staff etc. You can train attacking, fitness, tactical, but also catching skills, passing skills and footwork. Staff consists doctors and coaches who you can hire or fire. Build a training hall, fitness centre, club shop or youth academy and upgrade your facilities. You can also expand your stadium and take a look at national teams.

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Teddy Town

Teddy Town

Teddy Town is a simulation browser game that includes cute teddy bears. Before adopting a teddy, you have to purchase necessary items for your teddy bear beforehand. After that you can finally adopt yourself a teddy bear and you can start having fun. All the useful items can be found in the teddystore. Consider buying entertaining toys, cool clothes, modern furniture, food, and so forth. You can also send your teddy bear to school or to work.

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Victory Hockey League

Victory Hockey League, also known as VHL is a forum-based hockey sim. Sign up and start creating your player. Manage your player’s career, league participation and other management options. You can earn weekly points to evolve your player. You can create posts about your player, even videos or graphs. It’s all up to you how much time and effort you’re willing to invest. Big part of the game is community, which has grown quite large over the past 10 years.

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vPopulus New, Responsive


vPopulus is a browser game where the main focus is on defending your country. If you sign up, then select your country and train yourself on regular basis to help your country in a war. You must get a job, increase your level, make estate contracts, create armies and participate in various fights. Buy your own house or stay in hotels for a while. Increase your experience to climb the rankings. The final step is becoming a president.

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RedZoneAction is a sport browser game about American football. First you have to create your team by choosing a team name, an abbreviation with three words and a country. Training is an important section because it helps your players to acquire new skills and develop. Occasionally take a look at the injuries report to see the latest injuries. Transfer Agent is a helpful place to look for new qualified talents. Upgrade your team, hire the best players, get sponsors and increase stats.

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Simunomics is a free simulation game about growing a virtual business. Read through the tutorial to understand the features of Simunomics. Start your company with 1 million βucks and fulfill your dreams. Visit your office where the main work is made and your warehouse to keep an eye on your products. Marketing center includes basic information about selling and buying. Build factories, buy yourself more land, grow your business and keep your eye on the rankings to see your development.

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Goal United

Goal United

Goal United is an online football manager game. Manage training, formation, transfers and more. Hundreds of thousands of international players and no installation required to play. Recommended to play via PC browser. Compete against other managers or play friendly matches and league matched weekly. Take care of your stadium by increasing your income and buying new buildings. Visually great graphics with regular various in-game promotions.

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Rescreatu is a text-based browser game about virtual world and virtual pets. At the beginning you will start your journey by hunting for eggs. Adopt a pet you like the most, raise him and train him. Take a lot of care for him. Make new friends in this game and look for rare items. The game is great for players who love animals. Now you have a chance to have your virtual pet and take care of him.

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Rail Nation New, Hot

Rail Nation

Rail Nation is a train simulator browser game with a little hint of strategy. You start with a very basic model so buy an engine for your train. Later on you can research new engines to advance. Make sure you get some railroad cars to transport your goods so you could start generating income. When you are earning a steady income, upgrade your train stations in where you have various buildings that give you bonuses. The graphics is outstanding for a browser game. The game should also be just fine to play with mobile devices.

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Popmundo is an online role-playing game that welcomes you in a virtual music industry. Start your career by jamming some songs and booking your first show. Booking Assistant gives you more information about your schedule. Create music videos to promote your songs. Make a great performance on stage and talk to the media to gain popularity. Your behaviour and personality can make you famous or infamous. Select the attitude that favors relationship areas like friendship, love and enmity. Read books and attend university classes to gain new skills. Keep a diary, select career focus, book a flight and socialize with others.

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Football online sport manager

Football Online Sport Manager

Football Online Sport Manager is a text-based browser football game where you can become a football manager. Don’t need to download anything. Use the best strategy and fight with other managers. Create your game team and start playing football against others. Try to have the best players in your team by selling and buying players. Dominate your team and win football matches.

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CSFBL Responsive


CSFBL is a season based baseball simulation game. In CSFBL your goal is to manage your baseball franchise by making trades, managing payrolls, setting up your line, watching your games and making adjustments and so on. Your decisions decide how your team plays, how well they will do in the league against others and it won’t be easy as you you will be competing against human controlled teams. You can play a full season in about a month. Game is free to play, has over 100 leagues, thousands of players and nearly 40 million games played in total.

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Pigskin Empire

Pigskin Empire is a free text-based browser game about American Football. Take a look at various leagues which have been categorized into College and Pro. You can choose a job position, level, suitable team and apply for this job. Once you get a job you must start training your football team by practising cardio, defensive play, matchup, drill, kickoff etc. You should also keep an eye on the team calendar and gameplan to be aware of upcoming events. Statistics gives you information about top coaches ranging from winning percentage.

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Hacker Experience Responsive

Hacker Experience

Hacker Experience is a free online simulation game where you can become a freelancer hacker. You can manage softwares – install, delete, create folders and more. Manage your hardware and buy new servers or upgrade existing ones. You should also buy an external disk and backup your data. Use Internet page to navigate through every IP address and connect to other servers. The Log File is a page that saves all your actions – this is the place where you can find other’s IP address and they can find you. That’s why you need to delete the logs after you complete an action.

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Producers & Traders

Producers & Traders is an excellent economy simulator. Selling, buying and trading are the three main aspects of the game. You will learn how to make the right purchases and trades that will benefit you the most. You choose your buildings and your empire priority. There are many options available and you are not limited by few options. Teamwork is an important part of the game, you need to work side-by-side with other players.

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