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Kooties is a fun online game where you can explore the Kootie Land. You are centered in the middle area where you can move to eight different places. Your aim is to find a food square to click on the food and increase your health. On the left you can see your current health, kooties and fluid samples. You can get kooties if another player clicks on your name. Get rid of your kooties by clicking on another player’s name. Having kooties isn’t good, because you can’t consume food with kooties. If you try to consume food while having kooties then you’ll lose health. So become a master and give someone else kooties.

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Particracy is a free simulation browser game where you can get involved in the political world. All the activities are related to politics, so you have a chance to see how everything works. In Particracy you can have your own party where you can see political positions, ministries, election results, legislation, affiliations, voting record, early elections, and so forth. The game includes random quotes and random facts which are very interesting.

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Armaldia New, Responsive


Armaldia is city building strategy/simulator game in which you can build together with your friends on the same map. Create your own in-game items and even change game constants, for example tax rate once you’re elected into government. Gather resources to build your own city and win leader boards. Each game round has limited amount of players that can join. Lots of different building types and various manufacturing options. Modern and mobile-friendly game interface.

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Pitwall is a mobile-friendly racing team management game. Control your sponsors and finances. Each team also has fan, depending on the popularity of the team. You can make deals with suppliers, quite similar to sponsorship. Construct new facilities for your team. Manage your drivers and staff. Do your best at qualification and race sessions. Track and measure your statistics, learn from your mistakes and good luck with your team!

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Cycling Simulator

Cycling Simulator is a free text-based browser game about virtual cycling. Under your team you can always keep an eye on your team riders and their skills. Staff contains mechanic, doctor, trainers and bus drivers. To train your cyclists you can send them to training camp and hire special trainers. Calendar includes all upcoming races and tactics allows you to think about strategies. Go for shopping, equip bicycles with best items, find new talents to recruit them and participate in various races.

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ManagerTeams is an online text-based browser game about football management. Tactics is very important as it can be your chance to win football matches. Tactic type can be selected as passing, long ball, defensive wall or offensive. Attacking style can be selected between different numbers where 0 means ultra defensive and 100 means ultra attacking. Aggression can also be chosen as a number: 0 being ultra soft play and 100 being ultra hard play.

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MoneyGame - no pay to win
New, Responsive


MoneyGame is a free business simulation game. You can look for a regular job, create a company, own shares in a company and earn money. Each time you complete a worker job, you will lose some of your energy. You are able to recover energy by consuming food packages. Make sure to get a home because homeless players will lose points of health every day. Try to avoid death because you can recover your character, but you can’t reclaim your possessions. Additional features are trading stock, exchanging currencies, buying items, creating selling offers, using bank services and initiating private trades.

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Elite Avengers

Elite Avengers is text-based browser game with interesting features. Mostly fighting and getting your hand on best weapons you could get. Car stealing and gambling will mostly be your income if done correctly and with caution. Your cars can be damaged so take care of them. In case they are too damages you can repair them, but it will cost you. Join a crew to make your beginning easier. The design is a bit old-schooly, but why should every game be fancy? Enjoy the features and free your inner killer instincts.

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MyFootballNow Responsive


MyFootballNow is a free simulation game about football management. First you must find an available team and then invent a great strategy plan. You can decide between defensive gameplan/offensive gameplan/defensive plays/offensive plays/scout offense/scout defense. Search for a good coach and offer him to make a contract. In addition you can try to make a trade with another team. Take a look at Depth Chart, let your team players to acquire new skills and take part in various matches.

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Six-a-side New, Responsive


Six-a-side (SaS) is free-to-play 2D football simulator browser game. Your goal is to manage a Zuorghs team where you’ll be training and managing your players. There is no P2W, only skills matter. This is a game for players who like to use their brain, rather than simply grinding levels. You’ll be facing other players that try to beat you, community is big part of the game. You’ll start in a league, where you’ll have to win as many matches as you can.

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Hockey manager browser game


Metroho is a hockey manager browser game. Create your own team, manage it and coach your team players the best way you can. Enough statistics to know what your team is lacking of and what works for you. Real time “Line change control” to give you the best team manager experience. Action-packed seasons, playoffs, arenas, awards, endorsements and so on. Game has its own forum for support, tutorials and latest news about game updates.

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NationStates is a free simulation text game that allows you to create your own country. You can rule your country according to your own beliefs and political statements. You can receive telegrams so read them carefully through to find out the main point of each telegram. The game includes a lot of discussion and political debate so prepare yourself to survive in this world. Very active forum so don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re stuck.

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Ondarun is an online racing simulator. Create your team, get yourself a car and tune it with new parts. Manage your staff, training, health and fitness. Game started in 2008 and has a huge playerbase. Veteran players will give a warm welcome to new players. Make sure your team is quick on tracks and communicate with other players so be a part of Ondarun friendly community.

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My Profit Land

My Profit Land is a strategy browser game where you can convert your virtual currency into real money. The game works as a business simulation where you can manage companies, buy shares, own a real estate, buy or sell currencies. Apply to become a member of an organization or create a new organization. Keep in mind that only organizations can open wars. Keep an eye on your country’s taxes and bonuses, but don’t forget that only the government can change them. You can also buy clothes, gamble in casinos, recruit other citizens, fight in wars and increase your damage bonus.

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American football manager game

Goal Line Blitz

Goal Line Blitz is a American Football management browser game. Form your team out of best player you can find. You can join other teams, take part in leagues, train your player’s skills. Match replay system where you can monitor your game, this is a complete package for sport simulator fans. Many stadium upgrades available. Choose a ticket price for your matches and even beer prices, something you don’t see in every game. Some features are only for premium users, other option is to refer friends into playing this game so you can gain some advantages and unlock premium content.

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Ars Regendi

Ars Regendi

Ars Regendi is a simulation browser game about politics. First you must fill in fields about your state. Think about the name of your state, currency and capital city. Regent is the main section where you can see statistical data about your state. Analyze the charts and diagrams to be aware of demography, economy, safety and quality of life in your state. Become a member of an alliance, keep an eye on the list of reforms and choose tasks to complete.

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e-sim is a free strategic browser game about economical and political life. First you must choose your server with each having various attributes. Basically it’s a modern world with every-day action. Enter a job market to find a job or start your own business. Train your stats and equip items. You can also create your own newspaper. Enter the market to buy/sell and make a profit. You can enter stock market after level 7. The state statistics gives you a clue which country has the most citizens.

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Avalar Online

Avalar Online is a text-based browser game set in the fantasy world. You can find various actions which will automatically start again after the timer has run out. Each action will also give you experience and upgrade the levels of your skills. Make sure to have enough stamina to be able to move around. There’s a possibility to turn raw material into real items. For instance, you need a plank, a raw fish and a high cooking skill to be able to cook the fish. Purchase a Sigil to gain experience bonus in the selected skill. Build a house, make friends and explore the world of Avalar.

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Battrick is a free text-based browser game about cricket management. Club section gives you a short review of members confidence, academy investment, club members, youth academy condition etc. You can look at upcoming challenges, join a competition and set training sessions. Under Finances you can keep an eye on your income and outgoings. Based on previous financial information you can calculate your profit and stay in balance. Create a good team, make a nice performance and start winning.

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Text based browser game

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery is a detective role-playing game where you can solve mysterious stories. Search for clues, question suspects and interview witnesses to get to the solution faster. Every story is specific and there are different victims, witnesses and clues. The good thing is that all the mysteries have the solution and there are even many right solutions. Train your skills to become better detective!

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