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goleada-football Responsive


Goleada is a free football manager game. You can take a look at previous matches, upcoming games and the final results. Under Club section you can see the list of all your team members, basic information about them and their skills. League section offers you a possibility to watch the final results of other teams and process of the game. Training has been categorized into two groups: technical skills and physical attributes. Hire the best players, fire bad ones, get sponsors, calculate your budget and start winning matches.

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vmanager football manager game New, Responsive


Season based football manager game vManager offers you the experience of leading your team and your football club. Compete against other players and win the championships. As one of the newest manager games, there are new features like Juniors System, Tactical Scheme, Transfer Market etc. 13 leagues to choose from, international competitions. Can be quite challenging at times, but only requires few minutes per day to manage. Website is modern, real-time info refreshing, mobile and tablet friendly.

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Dugout Soccer New, Responsive

Dugout Soccer

Dugout Soccer is a free browser game about football management. Take a quick look at your club overview and start training your players. Lineup offers you an opportunity to select best players, choose right positions for those active members and also select substitutes. Friendlies has got all your big events and upcoming matches scheduled. You can name your stadium and upgrade various facilities such as burger van, parking, training ground, toilets etc. Hire coaches, expand your stadium, keep your finances under control and lead your team to winning.

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Soccer Manager Hot, Responsive

Soccer Manager

Soccer Manager is the combination of two soccer games. You can choose a single player or multiplayer mode. Single player game is called Soccer Manager 2015. Multiplayer game is called Soccer Manager Worlds. The concept of those games remain the same, you will try to lead your team towards victory. Very fast-paced game with very modern design. Mobile app support for better tablet and mobile experience.

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Online soccer game Hot, Responsive

Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is an online football manager game. In the game you can become a manager of your favourite football team. It’s up to you whether you create your own league or start one with your friends. Train your players to be the best and use the best strategy and tactics to become the greatest football manager ever. Sign up and start coaching right now!

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Matchday11 is an online football management browser game in which you manage your football team in order to compete against other managers. Your job is to build a strong squad by transfers, scouting as well as youth academies. Realistic domestic leagues competition and cups, similar to real life European cups. This is not your typical “set prices on tickets” type of football manager, this is a true simulator. Supports low resolution devices such as mobiles and tablets.

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CSFBL Responsive


CSFBL is a season based baseball simulation game. In CSFBL your goal is to manage your baseball franchise by making trades, managing payrolls, setting up your line, watching your games and making adjustments and so on. Your decisions decide how your team plays, how well they will do in the league against others and it won’t be easy as you you will be competing against human controlled teams. You can play a full season in about a month. Game is free to play, has over 100 leagues, thousands of players and nearly 40 million games played in total.

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Game Plan Hockey Manager
New, Responsive

Game Plan Hockey Manager

Game Plan Hockey Manager is a text-based browser game about hockey. In World section you can see best players, managers and teams. You can inform yourself with previous matches, results and a short summary. Under your team section you can keep an eye on roster, schedule and player stats. Training includes general/offensive/defensive training, in addition you can select intensity. Invent clever strategies and for help you can always analyze tactics of other teams. Define captains, consider the role-playing and manage your team to winning positions.

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Six-a-side New, Responsive


Six-a-side (SaS) is free-to-play 2D football simulator browser game. Your goal is to manage a Zuorghs team where you’ll be training and managing your players. There is no P2W, only skills matter. This is a game for players who like to use their brain, rather than simply grinding levels. You’ll be facing other players that try to beat you, community is big part of the game. You’ll start in a league, where you’ll have to win as many matches as you can.

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MyFootballNow Responsive


MyFootballNow is a free simulation game about football management. First you must find an available team and then invent a great strategy plan. You can decide between defensive gameplan/offensive gameplan/defensive plays/offensive plays/scout offense/scout defense. Search for a good coach and offer him to make a contract. In addition you can try to make a trade with another team. Take a look at Depth Chart, let your team players to acquire new skills and take part in various matches.

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Sokker Manager Hot, Responsive

Sokker Manager

Sokker Manager is an online football management game where you can become a manager of a football club. Your main aim is to maintain financial liquidity and avoid bankruptcy. Train skills, set ticket prices for matches, construct the stadium and find the perfect coach for your team. The transfer market is like an auction that allows you to buy new and better players from other clubs. In the office you can read the reports, monitor the current transfers, find out the mood of the subscribers and more. The top teams of each country will take part in the Sokker Club Champions Cup.

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9 Inning Baseball New, Responsive

9 Inning Baseball

9 Inning Baseball is a free text-based browser game about baseball. Tactics is an important section because it allows you to rearrange positions and think about clever strategies. Market is a right place to search for good players, hire doctors and find the perfect coach. You can expand your stadium by building bleachers, luxury boxes, grandstand etc. Keep an eye on your calendar and take care of your financial situation. You can also take a look at the best managers, world rankings, top pitchers and top hitters.

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Fast Speed
New, Responsive

Fast Speed

Fast Speed is a free online racing game. Purchase the fastest sports cars such as Chevrolet, Bentley, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini, and so forth. Purchase unique auto parts to tune your cars. Choose a competitor and race with other players. Garage is a place where you can see how many races you have won/lost and how many cars you currently have. You can get a job as a mechanic, taxi driver, fireman, personal driver, pizza delivery, transporter or choose another career. Earn money, upgrade your cars, make friends and become one of the best racers in the ranking of the game.

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Top Tactic football manager New, Responsive, Offline

Top Tactic

Top Tactic is a football manager that’s quite fresh and modern. You start by picking the first squad and the position of your players, then training your players. Start doing tactics, like basic training for example. You can also transfer using auctions. Rank up against others and participate in leagues. Your squad’s success is entirely up to your management skills. Game certainly has a great design and unique touch to it.

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Reuna Football

Reuna Football

Reuna Football is a free text-based browser game that allows you to enter football world. Under Squad section you can keep an eye on your team members and their skills. You could take a look at football matches and watch the results. Hire a coach and start training your team members to become better and acquire new skills. Manage your team by designing team badge and changing your team name. Take a look at the best players and try to reach the Hall of Fame.

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Basketstars is an online text-based game about basketball management. Arena section allows you to raise/low prices and expand your stadium. If you want to create a valuable team you must hire good staff who takes care of your team players. Tactics is a perfect place to devise a clever strategic plan for next match. Train your players to acquire new skills and win matches. Analyze the situation of economy, calculate your earnings/expenses and stay in balance. You can also get sponsors, promote your players with bounties and win trophies.

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