Age of Empires Online canceled

December 02, 2014 | 3 Comments

Famous Age of Empires Online is announced to be offline.

Age of Empires Online canceled for good

Game had average empire game features like buildings and army training. You had to combine the strength of your army and strategy to get the best of your opponents. You had to lead your citizens and discover new technologies to advance your empire further towards success and glory.

This game also had premium bonuses. People who bought those bonuses with real money have not been compensated in any way nor�is it�announced. Although some people have invested a lot of money and are sending letters to the developers. Hoping for a refund seems to be a far fetch.

This was first officially announced a year before shutting down to ensure people would no longer invest money before the game was about to shut down.

What good does it bring that Age of Empires Online canceled like that?
The competitors to this game were thrilled to hear news like Age of Empires Online shutting down. Guess why? because all these players now had to find an alternative similar game to play. Let's hope any of the competitors won't shut down like Age of Empires Online did.

Age of Empires Online canceled

You can check out Age of Empires Online competitors from�browser games listing.

Overall this game seemed to be a success and had a lot of players. It really is a bad news that such a great game has been announced offline / shut down.

In-game graphics were outstanding. Nothing you would expect from a browser game. Lots of hard work was implemented into Age of Empires Online features and modern cartoonish looks.

This is not temporary. Age of Empires is offline and always will be. This game is canceled!

Why was Age of Empires Online canceled?

This game was made by Microsoft and they just didn't see the potential in this game and are focusing more on their biggest success - X-Box.

More info about why Age of Empires Online canceled from Wikipedia.

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