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Recent Comments


Excelente juego, estructurado divertido y muy completo, mucho que hacer para no aburrirse, felicidades!!!!

EL Marlin ROjo on August 14, 2020

Street Racerz

played this game around 10yr ago and became quickly addicted to it,it then seemed to decline once the original owner had to change ownership due to him not being able to put the time into it what hed have liked too,i thus lost interest,however since iv signed up again just 3 days ago the whole game has made such a huge step up and offers so much more than it once did,amazing people that welcome you with open arms,great banter,so much to explore with great story modes and challenges. def keep you entertained for hours!

platinum1 on August 13, 2020


Been playing for over a year. There is a lot to do as far as content. The only thing it takes it time invested. I am f2p and have enjoy it immensely. I can be as active as I want to be. If I want to relax I can work on mining or fishing and play the market. The economy is player driven, you can even get premium currency using in game currency. There is always something to work toward and dev is always adding more. Seasonal events are fun and make it easy for new players to join in. To be honest, this is the first game I have played like this genre. However, i have not been able to find a game as casual and fun as this one. It is definitely worth checking out.

Drejin on August 12, 2020

Hardwood Online College Basketball

Great game. I've played many bball sims over the years (RIP BasketSim!), and this one has certainly got me hooked more than any of the other ones out there. Games pretty much every day, recruiting is fun, it isn't impossible to build a solid team early on. Also, a good community of people that are happy to give advice to new players coming on to the game. Super fun game that continues to get better!

Sean on August 11, 2020

Agonia - Tales of Forgotten Lands

Fun and casually competitive, Agonia's a well rounded game that excels in many aspects. For me, the steady yet noticeable progression alone is reason enough to play, but the community and game devs add tremendously to an already engaging experience. For its pacing, Agonia has no business being this thrilling, but the intense coordination of raids/ counter raids in pvp add a level of suspense and tension you probably wont find in other games of the same genre. I highly recommend you give it a try. (and if you happen to join 'The Order', accidentally kill Long for me.)

Osin on August 10, 2020

Rocking Soccer

Good game

Dorin on August 10, 2020

Agonia - Tales of Forgotten Lands

new to the game seem great :D

Motodragon on August 08, 2020

Rocking Soccer


Sirtarten on August 06, 2020


Nice game. You will have to find out how things work. Read the manual. Some register, and never come again. That is a pity.

RyanR on August 05, 2020

Torn City

This game is just perfect if you have a couple of minutes per day to spend in a game, it has a nice feeling of proggress and it's full of surprices! 5/5 [Join from this link to start with bonus items + support] https://www.torn.com/2591151

Hewboo on August 05, 2020


iknow you wolf, you created/made this game? You had an admin/mod who made one too? Such a good game

Headshot on August 05, 2020


Amazing web games, one of the few i have fallen in love with. Its a shame its currently a hidden gem as of now. The dev is pretty open and friendly, always willing to help. here is a list of positives and negatives, and who I think the game is for POSITIVES .Open world to explore .Grinding levels and gear is fun and addictive .You can sell your own items and buy/trade from others players, giving the game its own econonmy community is pretty friendly and willing to help .No energy bars, and the closest thing to one takes 60s to fully recharge .Works smoothly on most devices, from high end PCs and smartphones, and everything in-between. I personally play on Chromebook for those wondering. NEGATIVES .Actions are often too quick to leave on their own, but too long often to wait for them. .Currently the game lacks features, but i have been assured they are being worked on .Starting experience is a bit confusing, but that is being worked on as of when this was written. WHO IS THE GAME FOR? This game is for people like me who fall in love with text based RPGs that don't require energy, making it playable for hours at a time. Its for people that don't mind waiting for your character to mine a tree or kill a monster, and for people who like growing stronger over time in a game.

HitmanDoom007 on August 03, 2020

Land of Nevard

Decent game. but save your time, the owner has abandon the game but gladly takes donations. has someone else coding for him but cant bring himself to add it to the server. Had the donations set super high at first so $1 was 12 hours of double XP and double Spawn, took that away now its like a dollar an hour. changed stuff with guilds so the top guild is like almost 500 but now the grind to level guilds is 10x harder. if you ask about updates all you get is "the game is what it is and if you dont like it you can find something else" its a shame the game had really good features, just a really bad owner.

anon 2.0 on August 03, 2020

Mafia Vengeance

Good game, some pansy players that prefer to hide behind protection constantly than train and fight like these games are designed for. #UNBAN SN

SuperNatural on August 02, 2020

Agonia - Tales of Forgotten Lands

I'm a new player and this RPG Game is huge, the community looks very mature and friendly. So much to discover and do, the limits are those of our imagination. Another thing is not a pay to win!

Cypher on July 30, 2020

Agonia - Tales of Forgotten Lands

Let me start off by saying how unique the game is. Its gameplay is unlike any other fantasy text-based MMORPG I have played, A whole world to explore and creatures from the past to fight against. This game is different because its completely f2p and p2w is not an option :). The greatest aspect of the game that I so love much is the community the game offers. There are always 20-50 players online and the concept of factions makes it so much more interesting. Regardless of what faction you belong to, there are always people who will help you in any way possible. I would recommend this game to anyone who is an avid fan of fantasy text-based games and also for those who are interested in playing a long term game. Cheers!

Mephisto on July 30, 2020