Camadia is a free to play, text-based RPG. You'll arrive at "Newfoundland", island that's intended to accommodate players up to level 25. Camadia has over 12 trainable skills and is a great game for people to play that love games but just don't have the time to pay attention all the time. Launched on October 19th 2018. Community rapidly expanding. There are some perks that can be bought via donations, but nothing overpowered. Combat will require you to train multiple skills, Attack, Defense, Strength and Health. All four of these skills will determine how successful you are in combat. Manage your resources and level up your skills.

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51 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5 51 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5 51 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5 51 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5 51 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5 (51 votes, average: 4.65 out of 5)
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48 comments on “Camadia

  • shuckleluvver says:

    great game join my guild Sneaky Snakes

  • Assos says:

    Fun game! Captures the spirit of texted based games all jazzed up.

  • sigfrid says:

    Le dinamiche del gioco sono abbastanza semplici ma è comunque raccomandabile una buona lettura della guida. il gioco è bello con tantissime attività da svolgere, ma è la compagnia delle gilde che rappresenta il non plus ultra!

  • Steffano08 says:

    Great game

  • Fujimo says:

    Just getting started, would like to see a larger player base but its easy and fun to play. Looks like it will only get better as time goes on.

  • deathspank says:

    A fun & idle game. There's quite a bit of different skills in the game, including combat + you can make guilds with other players, trade etc. Worth trying out! :)

  • WhiteWolf says:

    Nice game to pass your time

  • Morseth says:

    Good game

  • magicka says:

    dope game

  • Thundurus says:

    Great game ! I have been playing now for 5 mnths and are having great fun. Active and friendly community, active admin and game is still busy evolving with regular updates, and don't forget the holiday events :) If you like these type of idle games then I highly recommend. I have my own active guild, friendly and willing to help new players :))

  • Johndoe says:

    Awesome game

  • Notivagus says:

    I'm having fun
    Nice game

  • Geistware says:

    New to this game and people are great and game is fun. VERY time consuming in RL I will continue to play and enjoy!

  • ginger curtau says:

    wow lvl 4 in 2 hours

  • Paul says:

    Except for a few cosmetic changes like the names of the towns and every town is on one island, this game is exactly like the game Syrnia. You will chop wood, fish with a net, cook, mine and then smelt the minerals into bars. To earn gold you will be cleaning the docks in Bonavista instead of the Jail like in Syrnia.
    I'm not trying to dissuade you from playing, just letting you know it's exactly like the game Syrnia.

  • wail barkat says:

    gr8 game

  • Shane says:

    I have been playing idle games like this for a very long period of time. Good game.

  • MindGames21 says:

    Great game!

  • Lilibeth says:

    So far so good. Easy to play. Friendly players. :)

  • Kyo-ITALY says:

    RPG Idle Timer interesting. A must at first read the small incomplete manual, and take advantage of the game's wiki page for more info. It is simple to manage. There is no Android app, but on browsers it is well laid out for mobile phones. The various jobs and time gathering are automatic, the game will sometimes require a code to check the presence and avoid BOT. There is a chat with players who help the new ones. I have just started, I do not speak English so in chat I am not very present. I don't know the advanced game yet, we'll see ...

  • Demon says:

    A good game that is easy to play

  • Demon says:

    Awsome game

  • Caya says:

    Interesting text based game. I enjoy it.

  • Car26 says:

    Very enjoyable game if you like text based rpgs you'll love this game

  • J says:

    Great potential for its genre, easy to look at, and the manual gives basic concepts but lacks in-depth specifics for certain things that could be helpful for someone new to this particular game or new to the genre. items, skills, and community are fun and relaxed. nothing is super complicated and everything has its own purpose. I like the attentiveness of the devs and effort they put into continuously updating and adding stuff to the game.

  • Xavier Xirau says:

    It's a lovely game and I had a really warm welcome. I just played a few days so I don't know how it will progress but for now it sound good .

  • Okietrader says:

    this is a great game

  • rishi says:

    Great Game. It's an Idle Timer RPG which allows you to gather resources and craft them into usable items. It has fishing, hunting, wood cutting, mining, crafting, cooking, blacksmithing, carpentry, farming. The Combat is roguelike but you can deposit your items in a storehouse so that you do not lose them. You can join guilds and trade with other players and even sell your items in private shops.
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  • Aeduuard says:

    I like the game! It's new but it's growing faster!!

  • Bellmont says:

    I like this game alot

  • cromax says:

    good game

  • Bubbles says:

    Amazing game! If you like any games like oldschool runescape or syrnia, you'll love this one. It's incredibly actively developed, a nice community and I can see it thriving for a long time,

  • Vortigern says:

    Fun game to play

  • Noone says:

    wesome game so far and the community is already growing into a nice one.

    Well thought out skills and looking forward to see what will come in the future

  • Willie says:

    Excellent game. Breath of fresh air in the PBBG gaming community. Would highly recommend.

  • Arwen says:

    Love the game, lots of options for skills and guilds. Definitely a must try. Super friendly players as well.

  • Nickolas says:

    Small but helpful community, interface is pleasing to look at, and has several skills to advance. This little auto-RPG has very good potential. There are guilds to join, people to meet, and player run shops to look through.

    On the other hand, it doesn't feel very complete at the time of my review; there's an introduction at the beginning, but then the player is given no help from the game what so ever. Like, I didn't know you lost ALL of your equipped items and gold till after I had already died (you can build a storehouse to protect items from being lost). Then I had no idea how to regain health (eat food, simple!) Another example: I bought an Iron Hammer, but it wasn't until I tried to actually use it that I found out I needed a higher blacksmith level (10) to use it; this is because the game gives zero info on item's uses or requirements, it only tells you what the item is called and how much it costs.

    • Barry says:


      A lot of the information you are looking for could have been found by 1) clicking the manual link in the footer and 2) visiting the wiki which is linked to via the manual. :)

  • Outlaw says:

    nice community and easy to learn :)

  • Kundar says:

    Nice game so far

  • Ignis Mundi says:

    This is shaping up to be a very nice game with a lovely community. I'd recommend it for people who like text-based rpg games.

  • Gorgonzola says:

    Right from the first click on this site I've been hooked. Camadia is real RPG based game that'll definitely change the level of modern text based games. I see lots of potential in this game gowing forward and stands out to becoming no. 1 TBG game.

  • Drottning says:

    A fun game with a good community. The images are some of the best for a text based game and it's easy to navigate.
    The admin is active and pays attention when people give feedback, either to fix what people have an issue with or explain why it is the way it is.

  • Genie says:

    Cracking little game. Will almost certainly grow really well if the start is anything to go by. Friendly and helpful players, overall a nice text based game. 5 stars!

  • cari says:

    great game, nice to be in at the start of a game, watch it evolve!

  • Someone says:

    Awesome game so far and the community is already growing into a nice one.

    Well thought out skills and looking forward to see what will come in the future

  • Doru says:

    I like the game